Apetit invests €9.7m in Finnish patty production line

Apetit invests €9.7m in Finnish patty production line
Credit: Apetit

Apetit is investing €9.7 million in a new patty and ball production line at its Säkylä plant in Finland.

The line will produce vegetable- and fish-based patties and balls, the company said, as well as other new vegetable-based value-added products.

Construction begins in August 2018 and production is estimated to begin in June 2019.

“Patties and balls have been one of the most rapidly growing product group for a few years, with annual growth about 20% on the average,” said CEO Juha Vanhainen.

“Prospects for continuous growth are also bright – this is supported by strong growth in consumer demand, own product development efforts and new openings in international trade.”

The new line doubles the production capacity and aims to meet the current demand and enables new products to be produced for domestic and international markets.

“All of our strategic focus areas – renewal, internationalization and efficiency improvement – will become visible in the investment,” said Vanhainen.

“In addition, the investment is material locally in Säkylä and it is also a strong message on developing and further strengthening of our operations.

“The investment will generate work and workplaces in the production and supply chains due to increased volumes. Raw material for products are also produced ​​by local contract crowers in the area.”

Apetit said that, in the future, its investment will enable a “more versatile product development in relation to e.g. product shapes, a raw material base and new flavours, and the production of entirely new types of vegetable-based products”.