Better Juice converts sugar into fibres with new tech

Better Juice converts sugar into fibres with new tech

Innovative Israeli company Better Juice has developed a technology which, it claims, converts the sugar in orange juice to fibres meeting demand for low-sugar juice options that don’t compromise on taste.

The technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose and sucrose into prebiotic and other non-digestible fibres and sugars, while maintaining the juicy flavour of the beverage.

Although juice contains the vitamins and minerals you’d find in fresh produce, it’s devoid of most of the natural dietary fibre as an outcome of traditional methods of juicing. In addition to its intrinsic health benefits, fibre also adds to the feeling of fullness.

Better Juice’s process harnesses a natural enzymatic activity in non-GMO microorganisms to convert a portion of the simple fructose, glucose, and sucrose sugars into fibres and other non-digestible natural sugars.

The process works on all types of sugars. Yet the process preserves the flavour and the full complement of vitamins and other nutrients inherent in the fruits. The technology was developed in collaboration with Hebrew University in Rehovot, Israel.

Better Juice uses an advanced solution that involves just one short and simple pass-through step in the juice-making process, allowing the product to be marketed at a price point comparable to other premium juice products.

Better Juice conducted several trials with different beverage companies and succeeded in reducing sugars in orange juice from 30%, up to 80%. The start-up can now provide proof of concept for orange juice.

Mono-and disaccharides – often called “simple sugars” – are easy for the body to digest and thus quickly metabolised. If the energy they provide can’t be used, it is converted to fat and stored. But when these individual sugar molecules link up, they become prebiotic fibres that are non-digestible.

The shorter of these fibres, called oliggosaccharides, are still sweet yet have been shown to bestow several health benefits, from protecting against disease to helping manage weight. There are other natural monosaccharides that are not easily digested. These sugars have no glycaemic index and low caloric values.

The company is aiming to market an advanced device with the unique technology to fruit juice producers and, eventually, to cafés and restaurants.