Borough targets non-drinkers with new range

Borough targets non-drinkers with new range

The food industry does love its buzzwords, with one of the latest favourites being ‘mindful drinking’.

Spearheaded by millennials, consumers are curbing their alcohol consumption with statistics putting the figure at around one in four activity cutting down.

But rather than abstaining, this growing group are turning towards exciting soft drinks to enjoy socially or in the home.

At the forefront of this push is Borough Wines & Beers who are aiming to bring a range of unusual, low sugar and delicious non- and low-alcohol drinks to their nine stores on ecommerce channels.

“I wanted to create a range of drinks with the same care and consideration that we give to selecting the wines and beers that we stock,” said Borough Marketing Director Corinna Pyke.

“My main focus has been curating a selection of drinks with low added sugar and even though they have no alcohol in them have the complexities of flavour that is found in good quality wine.”

Borough Wines is creating a zero per cent gin as part of their Distillers Development Series with Surendran & Bownes slated for a 2018 launch.

From December, they will be the exclusive supplier of two non-alcoholic drinks – Lurvills Delight and Nosuch Shrubs.