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Cadbury welcomes sultanas into its fruit & nut family

Cadbury is welcoming sultanas into their family of much-loved ingredients by adding them, for the first time, to one of the nation’s most popular...

DSM introduces new culture for Spanish Castellano-type cheese

Royal DSM has introduced a new cheese culture to create Spanish Castellano-type cheese, allowing cheesemakers to meet the growing demand for premium artisan cheese...

Soda folk launch UK-wide root beer and cream soda

Emerging drinks brand Soda Folk is breaking into the UK market with the nationwide release of its American style craft sodas, securing listings with Selfridges and Byron restaurants.

Soda Folk was founded by Colorado native Ken Graham, who, when he moved to London, found himself homesick for Coloradan Root Beer. The FSA crackdown on products with excessive additives led to the banning of American Root Beer imports which largely list Benzoic Acid. Ken decided it was high time he brought craft sodas to Blighty, with nothing artificial added, just the best quality ingredients he could find and simple recipes that deliver on taste.

Ken’s home state of Colorado is famous for its skilled craft-brewers; inspired by these breweries high in the Rocky Mountains, he created Soda Folk’s recipes. Just as with craft beer, Soda Folk uses only the highest quality ingredients, to ensure great-tasting refreshment every time.

Soda Folk cream soda is made simply with carbonated water, pure cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla extract, packing a luxuriant flavour punch, ideal for pairing with food, supping alone or as a partner to a smooth dram of Bourbon.

Likewise, its root beer soda is made with a base of carbonated water and pure cane sugar, but is taken spicy new heights with the uniquely pungent and piquant root, wintergreen - the flavour and aroma is not too distant a cousin from dandelion & burdock – before rounding off with aged vanilla and pure maple syrup. It makes an ideal pairing to the classic American hamburger, a novel cocktail ingredient and is taken to a whole new level as part of a Root Beer Float.

Ken says of his inspiration behind the brand: “Growing up in Colorado, I was obsessed with Root Beer, our supermarket shelves were stocked with dozens of locally brewed varieties, and I drank as much of it as my parents would allow. I knew I wouldn’t be able to give up on Root Beer, even if I was nearly 5,000 miles from home, so I started Soda Folk to introduce Britain to America’s best soft drink. We make the kind of root beer I grew up with: all natural, sweetened with cane sugar, with the perfect blend of sweetness and bite. I just knew that the British public was going to love it too!”

Scott Winston, Selfridges Grocery Buyer, comments: “With the craft soda revolution gaining pace in America and the hard soda trend coming to our shores, we’re excited to be the first to take Soda Folk root beers and cream sodas to our shelves; as always, we strive to promote exciting and innovative young brands and are supporting the new listing with Soda Folk’s involvement in this year’s ‘Meet the Maker’ campaign.”

The first restaurant group to introduce Soda Folk to their menu, Byron, is a keen supporter of this entrepreneurial young business. Tom Byng, Byron’s Founder, says: “We’ve long supported craft brewing, so we’re proud to be the first restaurant group to introduce Soda Folk to our menu. Ken’s craft sodas are the perfect match for our proper hamburgers: classic American flavours, made with great, simple ingredients, and lots of care and attention to detail.”

Launched into Selfridges, Byron and a raft of restaurants, bars, cafes and independent shops nationwide, Soda Folk is currently lining up a host of national stockists and premium retailers.

CO YO launch healthy salted caramel flavour dairy-free yoghurt

Want to indulge, but still stay on the right side of healthy?  No problem.  CO YO, the UK’s leading coconut milk yoghurt brand has...

Wonky chicken breasts launched in UK first

Following the growing trend for wonky fruit and veg to curb food waste, online food retailer MuscleFood is launching the UK’s first wonky chicken...

The Black Farmer launches antibiotic-free pork

The Black Farmer claims to be the first mainstream brand to launch a range of pork products from animals reared without antibiotics. In the run-up...

Tesco wages war on food waste with green satsumas

Green skinned satsumas have been conscripted into Tesco’s fight against food waste as the supermarket doubles down on erroneous produce. Early season temperatures in Spain...

ADM expands sweetener portfolio as consumers turn back on sugar

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is launching two new sweetener brands – SweetRight stevia and VerySweet monk fruit. These new additions, sourced through ADM’s partnership...

Budweiser launches limited-edition beer developed alongside barley farmers

Budweiser has launched a new limited-edition beer created in collaboration with the farmers who have grown the barley used to brew Budweiser. At 5.4% ABV,...

Ohly launch sugar rival with maple syrup powder

Ohly has launched a new Maple Syrup Specialty Powder, offering consumers and manufactures a clean-label alternative to sugar. The latest addition to the ProDry® range...

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