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Smurfit Kappa returns to the London Wine Fair

Smurfit Kappa will once again exhibit at the London Wine Fair, held in Kensington Olympia from 18th to 20th May. This event is one of the world's leading wine trade events and this year will welcome more than 11,000 trade visitors from 80 countries. There will be a wide range of international representatives at the various sessions and exhibits. As a true expert in Bag-in-Box solutions for wine, Smurfit Kappa will showcase its products and expertise.

Smurfit Kappa, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, is one of the few players offering a complete Bag-in-Box packaging system solution. From bags, pouches and taps, through to boxes and accessories, to complete filling lines, the company allows customers to work with a single partner throughout the whole process of packaging liquid products.

Kevin Heath, Sales Manager Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box in the UK and Ireland, says, “Throughout the years, we have developed a unique expertise in the domain of wine packaging in Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up. Not only by supplying top quality packaging, but also by studying and improving the whole life cycle of wine in Bag-in-Box in order to offer the optimal shelf-life to our clients and final consumers.”

The Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box team will be at your disposal at booth J20 at the event.

New ink set to boost print quality and cut downtime

A new ink designed specifically for manufacturing and packaging in the food, confectionery, cosmetics and tobacco industries is set to improve coding quality and reduce downtime according to the coding and marking specialist Markem-Imaje.

The new Superior Print Quality 1010 ink combines industry-best drying times with a patented chemical de-capping process to ensure high quality coding from the first to the last print on any production run, without mechanical aid.

The cartridge-based SPQ 1010 ink has been developed for use specifically with the Markem-Imaje 1000 Series of thermal inkjet printers. It can be integrated seamlessly with the 1050 and 1200 printers via a simple, easy-to-use HP thermal inkjet 45Si cartridge to print serialised barcodes and text on a wide range of non-porous packaging materials.

Mark Rapposelli, Markem-Imaje future product marketing director, says, “SPQ 1010 ink is unsurpassed in its category. Traditionally, thermal inkjet based inks can block or cap printhead nozzles after a period of inactivity. This can drastically reduce the print quality on subsequent production runs and cause unnecessary downtime.

“The new chemical de-capping process in the SPQ 1010 ink maintains clear or uncapped nozzles, ensuring every code from the first to the last printed is of the highest quality. Because it has no moving parts, the SPQ 1010 thermal inkjet cartridges remove the need for frequent printhead wiping as well as potential points of failure with mechanical de-capping solutions.”

SPQ 1010 ink also offers superior optical density for better print quality and resolution, with a good throw distance which provides greater flexibility on the production line.

Milliken presents all-round value of Ultra Clear PP packaging

Leading polyolefins additives supplier, Milliken, is set to catch the eye of converters and brand owners at RosUpack 2015 with the inspiring aesthetic appeal, excellent application performance and outstanding productivity improvements of Ultra Clear PP.

Visitors can experience the low weight advantage and all-round benefits of Ultra Clear PP clarified with Milliken’s pioneering Millad NX 8000 series for packaging. They can also look in-depth at opportunities to enhance Ultra Clear PP with ClearTint Colorants offering superior deep rich shades not yet available with traditional pigment colours.

For thermoforming and sheet packaging, Ultra Clear PP clarified Millad NX 8000 sets a new clarity standard for PP that is comparable to glass-clear materials. It gives PP a clarity boost that overcomes the traditional undesirable milky appearance to create highly-attractive transparency similar to PET for applications such as meat trays, clamshell containers and lids. Ultra Clear PP also offers important performance benefits such as mono-material packaging, easy seal, chemical resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance. The material’s excellent heat resistance further extends application opportunities by enabling microwaveability and hot fill capability.

Proven statistics support Ultra Clear PP’s productivity improvements, energy savings, low carbon footprint and cost-efficiency compared to alternative plastics. It offers a 17.8% weight saving compared to PET based food trays, with possibilities to produce 70 trays from 1kg of PP compared with 57 trays from 1kg of PET.

Injection moulders can also take advantage of the exceptional aesthetics, productivity gains and energy-saving benefits of Ultra Clear PP clarified with Millad NX 8000, for example to produce thin wall packaging containers. Use of the additive allows conversion temperatures to be lowered, particularly in injection molding, leading to less energy use and accompanying CO₂ emission reductions. Numerous industrial test data indicate that use of Millad NX 8000 can lower required processing temperatures from 235°C to 190°C, resulting in cycle time reductions of up to 10%, energy savings between 8 and 12%, and associated CO₂ emissions reductions.

Using Milliken’s ClearTint innovations, converters and designers can offer the deep rich shades currently popular with consumers and meet the trend toward packaging that extends shelf life. ClearTint colors offer the clearest and brightest colours for transparent polyolefin while maintaining the glass clarity look of Millad NX 8000 clarified PP. In addition, Milliken’s ClearTint CUV is a transparent UV absorber specifically designed for use in PP. This additive can be used to inhibit UV light transmission in injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding.

Dariusz Lukaszewski, Regional Manager CEE, Milliken, says, “Ultra Clear PP offers a host of value adding benefits to the packaging industry and we are looking forward to bringing these to the forefront at RosUpack 2015. The use of ClearTint in PP clarified with the Millad NX 8000 series gives an unprecedented boost to colour possibilities and product protection in one, taking these advantages a step further."

UK packaging companies pledge support to Women In Packaging

A number of leading UK packaging and retail companies and industry associations have pledged their support to the recently launched Women In Packaging Initiative.

Led by Joanna Stephenson and Debbie Waldron Hoines, the new initiative was launched at the recent Packaging Innovations show to great acclaim. Debbie, pictured, says, “Over fifty people attended the launch which was kindly hosted by the Parkside Group and we have over 250 names on our database now for further communication. The response has really been overwhelming.”

Aiming to connect, educate and recognise the contribution female employees make to the UK packaging industry, a number of leading companies have already signed up to support future activities and events. Including Sun Branding Solutions, Parkside Group, LINPAC Group and The Foodservice Packaging Association, the initiative has put a spotlight on the topic and a number of events are planned for the rest of 2015 utilising the support of the companies.

Jo Stephenson says, “We also did a LearnShop presentation at the Packaging Innovations exhibition and from that a number of managing directors approached us to learn more and offer their support. We will be initially hosting networking events in the North, Midlands and South to enable employees, both male and female, to get together in a social environment with a keynote speaker.

"In the not too distant future we then hope to move forward on our plans to deliver an online mentoring system and awards programme.”

Signs of economic recovery at Hispack & BTA

Hispack & BTA closed its third joint edition at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via exhibition centre, confirming a change of trend in the industry and the economy that indicates a recovery.

At the close of this shpw, with the final figures yet to come in, both shows are set to reach close to 38,000 trade visitors, 8% more than the expected total. Exhibitors have highlighted the quality of visitors who, unlike during the economic downturn, have come with definite plans for investment, and the increase in number of foreign visitors, from 112 countries, 10.6% of the total.

The packaging and food technology sectors have witnessed the recovery of the national market at Hispack & BTA, with an excellent response from visitors from all the Autonomous Communities who have come to the show seeking mainly innovation and solutions to improve their firms' competitiveness and to launch new products, as well as to find out about the latest trends.

The international component has become more prominent at this edition. It is estimated that some 3800 foreign visitors have been to Hispack & BTA, where some 700 meetings took place between exhibitors and buyers from 29 countries invited by the organisation. The aim is to boost exports of both packaging and food technology. Along with European countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and the UK, there was a notable increase in the number of industry professionals at this edition, from Morocco, Mexico, Tunisia and Colombia.

The number of exhibiting companies of both Hispack and BTA have increased. The two trade fairs together drew 1250 companies, 6% more than in 2012, demonstrating the different stages of food products, from ingredients to equipment and technologies for the manufacturing process, including packages and packaging, logistics and arrival at the point of sale. Likewise, sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drugs, perfumery and cosmetics, amongst others, found tailored processing and packaging solutions at Hispack.

The activities programmed for the shows proved very popular. Hispack featured over 200 presentations in its four themed areas - Trendpack, Premiumpack, Retail Area and Pack & Logistic Corner - while at BTA there were close to forty sessions on the latest trends in food tech innovation, presentations of new products and round table sessions. The Líderpack Bta. Innova and Bta. Emprende awards ceremonies also took place.

The next joint edition of the International Packaging Exhibition, Hispack, and Alimentaria FoodTech, the new name of BTA, will be in 2018.

Sumol gets revolutionary redesign by Bluemarlin

International brand design agency bluemarlin has created a new visual identity for Portugal and Angola’s iconic soft drink brand Sumol. A revolutionary redesign of the brand’s packaging is hitting shelves across all five continents.

With a loyal following and a rich history that dates back to the fifties, Sumol is a much-loved brand in its home country Portugal. This new visual identity comes full circle with Sumol’s ambition to reach a wider audience and keep up to date with a younger generation of consumers. Sumol took this opportunity to infuse the brand with new energy and excitement, focusing on the communication of natural fruit refreshment.

The revolutionary design focuses around an iconic “S” which is created by an explosive slice of fruit. This injects excitement while conveying the experience of drinking the product. The kaleidoscope illustrations of fruit highlight the product’s unique attribute of containing real fruit pieces. The logo has also been updated with edgier typography inspired by street art, which is very popular in Lisbon. The new design has been rolled out in both standard and sleek cans across the core range of fruit variants.

Miguel Garcia of Sumol says, “Sumol is a brand with deep roots, but an adventurous spirit. With this new identity, it will make a meaningful connection with the younger generation, thus helping it continue its iconic status.”

Ian Catling, Executive Creative Director of bluemarlin, says, “This was a truly braver step for Sumol. The new identity takes the brand to the next level, ready to embrace its future. Driven by the idea of Light up Life, the new look conveys optimism, embracing the moment, and being ready for anything.”

AM Labels secures UK distribution of Anytron Digital Label printing systems

AM Labels Limited, the labelling, bar coding and software solution specialist based in Northamptonshire, has obtained UK distribution of Anytron colour label press machines.

Designed to fill the gap in the market for higher volume, professional labelling solutions, the Anytron range is comprised of innovative machines suitable for variable printing, with a multitude of industrial applications. The digital, toner-based printers make producing high-resolution, colour labels a simpler, more affordable process that eliminates the issues of other printers on the market.

The first digital colour label printers to be introduced to the UK Anytron range are the any-001 with advanced features such as duplex (double sided) operation, and the entry level any-002 with the same exceptional print quality. Capable of producing up to 5,000, high quality colour labels within two hours, the convenient digital printers promote easy label printing in the office without the need for professional technicians. Anytron printers support a wide range of paper and synthetic materials, while utilising high-capacity toners and drums in order to optimise productivity and keep costs minimal.

Tony Mariani, Managing Director, for AM Labels, says: “It is an exciting challenge to take on the UK distribution of Anytron, and one we have invested in heavily. Being such unique models within the market, the any-001 and any-002 digital label press machines are an excellent introduction to the range, and epitomise the brand’s innovative design, advanced technology and practical features. We intend to expand the range and bring further new and pioneering models to the market throughout the year.”

CMB Engineering opens new facility in Shanghai

Shipley canmaker CMB Engineering is expanding its global operations with the opening of a new office in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

In order to provide better service to its customers throughout China and Asia-Pacific region, the new facility will significantly increase the speed of delivery of tools and equipment to CMB’s customers. The facility will also be used as a sales and spares hub for the region, and will provide customers with on-the-ground, in-depth service and support. Yau-Wai Chan, pictured, takes on the role of manager, following three years as General Manager of Bazhou Sinowin Packaging Co Ltd, based in Hebei.

Andrew Truelove, General Manager at CMB, says, “With over 35 years of valuable working experience in canmaking and in the packaging industry in China, Mr Chan will deliver strong, expert leadership within this region where he has vast experience. Yau-Wai Chan’s knowledge and skill sets will help us to achieve our long-term objectives of expansion in the Asia region.”

Over the past few years, CMB Engineering has seen continued growth in international markets and recently won the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2014, the UK’s most prestigious award for successful businesses – the second time in four years that the Yorkshire engineering company has been recognised for its contributions to international trade.

Andrew Truelove says, “With an increasing and thriving client base in the Asia-Pacific region, addressing and meeting our customers’ needs is a top priority. The opening of this new facility builds on our reputation as world leaders in the canmaking industry, and is an important step in continuing to grow our presence worldwide.”

Videojet launches new ink with exceptional adhesion

From cold fill at high speeds to movement throughout the distribution chain, recycled bottling applications require hard-working ink formulations for bottle coding. To meet demanding adhesion, durability and wash requirements of bottlers, Videojet has announced its latest ink innovation for its 1000 Line of Continuous Inkjet printers – V420 and V528. Utilising a unique adhesion promoter and binder chemistry, these new inks offer both exceptional adhesion in variable environments and condensing conditions, and the benefit of easy code removal with caustic wash.

Heidi Wright, Business Unit Manager for Supplies at Videojet, says, “We continually partner with our customers to better understand their requirements and then deliver innovative products to meet those criteria. These inks are a prime example of the value we bring to our customers through our dedicated research and development initiatives.”

V420 and V528 are specifically formulated to withstand the challenging conditions that bottles are exposed to, including temperature-variable filling conditions as well as hot, humid and wet environments. Their unique chemistry helps ensure rapid drying and exceptional adhesion in high speed bottling applications. These MEK-based inks offer an ideal balance of resiliency and ease-of-use, maintaining their code quality until the bottles go through the caustic wash process upon their return, at which time the codes can be easily removed by the bottler. Both inks are for use with Videojet 1000 Line printers, though the V528 is specifically designed for the Ultra High Speed model.

Heidi Wright says, “Extensive tests were performed to verify the performance of these new inks and they were shown to exceed other offerings in the marketplace. We are very excited to announce these new inks that will help our customers to not only achieve the outstanding code quality they are accustomed to, but they can also benefit from increased performance in variable and harsh environments throughout the manufacturing and distribution chain.”

With forty plus years of ink development experience, Videojet continues to invest significant resources to create leading coding and ink solutions for a vast range of substrates and applications. Addressing a variety of customer challenges, Videojet continuously monitors packaging trends, regulations and customer needs to innovate and help ensure that Videojet solutions meet manufacturers’ printing requirements.

Bosch machine honoured with Red Dot Award

For the first time, Bosch Packaging Technology has received the internationally renowned Red Dot Award from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen in the product design category.

The independent jury awarded the company with a Honourable Mention and acknowledges the well-executed design achievement of the FXS Combi. The filling and closing machine for pre-sterilised nested syringes, vials and cartridges (small glass containers), developed at the site in Crailsheim, is the first machine from the Packaging Technology division to receive this important design award.

Klaus Ullherr, product manager at Bosch in Crailsheim, says, “We are very happy about the Red Dot Award, which underlines our expertise in the development of innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The award shows that our products are not only convincing in terms of quality. They also stand out internationally because of their design."

The international experts assessed a total of 928 entries from 56 countries. On 29th June, the internationally renowned product competition will culminate in the Red Dot gala.

The FXS Combi, which was launched at Interpack 2014, offers particular flexibility and safety. The machine is suited for three different pre-sterilised packaging types, as well as all common filling technologies. As the first filling and closing machine of this kind, the FXS Combi features an integrated capping station for vials and cartridges. Here, the containers are immediately closed after filling to ensure the highest pharmaceutical safety. By combining the machine with proven tub and bag openers, as well as different barrier systems, the FXS Combi can be flexibly integrated into complete line concepts, while allowing for significant space savings.

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