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Intrepid Fox causes a stir at festivals

Intrepid Fox ‘wine in a glass’ has enabled independent festival vendor, The Portable Pub Company, to maximise revenues from wine sales at festivals and other events.

This has happened particularly during ‘crunch moments’, such as intermissions in a performance or a half-time break, when there are sudden surges at the bar.

The Intrepid Fox pre-packaged, single serve ‘glass’ is made from shatterproof PET, and is sealed with a foil lid. Designed to be quick and easy to serve, the product allows vendors to achieve a maximum rate of sale during times of very high demand.

The Portable Pub Company typically caters at music festivals and trade events, with attendances ranging from 7,000 to 250,000 people. Commenting on the success of Intrepid Fox at these events, Paul Askew, MD of the Portable Pub Company, says: “Intrepid Fox fits in with what we do. Our events almost always have a big market for wine, and we need to be able to serve a lot of customers, in a short space of time, with good quality wine.”

“At festivals and concerts, there are short breaks in the music, during which the bar becomes very busy. Intrepid Fox is perfect for this environment; I can serve ten units in a few seconds, and the customer can easily carry the wine away, without worrying about spilling.”

Because it is manufactured from fully recyclable, shatterproof PET, Intrepid Fox is ideal for events where the use of actual glass is not permitted. The design of the Intrepid Fox ‘glass’ closely resembles a traditional wine glass, providing a more authentic, aesthetically pleasing experience for the customer, compared with drinking from a plastic tumbler.

The patented packaging process, which seals each single-serve unit with a foil top, provides the product with a shelf life of a year, meaning vendors don’t need to worry about over-stocking for a specific event.

As well as outdoor festivals, Intrepid Fox is also sold at a number of Premier League football grounds across the county, as well as at rugby stadiums, convenience retail outlets, cinemas and racecourses.

Cafeology launches bird-friendly coffee

Independent UK coffee company Cafeology has joined forces with the RSPB to launch a ‘bird friendly’ brand designed to reduce destruction of the world’s rainforests.

Research has revealed that more than 104 million hectares of the world’s remaining Intact Forest Landscapes - an area three times the size of Germany - were degraded from 2000 to 2013.

Some coffee farmers have contributed to this deforestation by cutting down shade-grown plantations to cultivate in the open, increasing yields by maturing plants more quickly in the sun at the expense of habitat and biodiversity. Most coffee available in the UK today is sun-grown with limited shade.

Now Cafeology has launched a high-quality shade-grown coffee, which takes longer to produce but has a superior flavour. The 100% premium Arabica gold standard coffee is being released to the retail and catering markets in both roast & ground and whole bean forms under the Love Coffee, Love Nature strap line.

The coffee for the out of home market will be available in 1kg bags and a range of menu boards, table displays and point of sale tools will also be available to businesses interested in using the coffee.

The coffee is certified by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), which will received a donation from every sale. It is also endorsed by the Smithsonian Institution in the United States and the Fairtrade Foundation.

The single origin coffee is sourced from Guatemalan producer group Asociación Civil Guaya'b - a cooperative of approximately 300 farmers in Huehuetenango near the Mexican border - and is grown in the shade at an altitude of 1600-1800 metres. This allows the cherries containing the beans longer to mature, making for a unique taste and an excellent quality coffee.

Guaya’b’s organic farming conditions are certified by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, which has strict requirements about tree height and diversity, foliage cover and canopy heights, helping to protect the rainforest habitats of native birds. Their Bird Friendly certification guarantees that the coffee is grown under sufficient shade to replicate as near as possible rainforest biodiversity, therefore protecting natural habitats.

Bryan Unkles, Cafeology founder and director, says: “Guatemala is renowned for producing fantastic quality coffee, and this product being shade-grown enhances that further. Protecting and developing natural habitats is vital - the UK consumes a huge amount of coffee and it’s important we think about the planet and rainforests when we choose what to buy."

The coffee will help to protect native birds like the Resplendent Quetzal, which is at risk due to habitat loss, as well as a multitude of migrant birds which spend their winters in Central and South America.

Derek Thomas, UK representative for the Smithsonian Institution, says: “Our BF ‘gold standard’ for coffee provides us and consumers with assurance that the coffee in the tin comes from growers devoted to good land stewardship. If you love nature you’ll love this coffee.”

Geoff Brown, at the RSPB, added: “It is good to have great tasting coffee which helps wildlife. Every time you make a cup you will be encouraging rainforest conservation and helping the RSPB give nature a home.”

Kate Lewis, Coffee Product Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, says: “We’re proud to have been certifying Cafeology’s coffees as Fairtrade for the last 10 years, and delighted that their new coffee will continue to deliver the benefits of Fairtrade to coffee farmers, including fair prices and a premium they can invest in product quality and community projects.”

The retail market coffee will cost £5.89 for 250g of roast and ground coffee, or roast beans, and be available to buy from and a range of shops and garden centres across the country, with a donation from every tin going to the RSPB. International buyers are able to purchase the coffee through the online store.

Sappi highlights the future of coffee and tea packaging at Coteca

Sappi Fine Paper Europe and Innovia Films will be jointly exhibiting at Coteca 2014, located on stand 107 in Hall A4.

It is the global expo for the coffee, tea and cocoa industry and takes place from the 24-26 September at the Hamburg Messe in Germany. During the event, the companies will be showcasing renewable and compostable films and other innovative developments that represent the future of coffee, tea and cocoa packaging.

“We are especially pleased to be bringing Sappi Algro Nature papers laminated with Innovia Films’ NatureFlex™ to this audience,” says Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager Speciality Papers of Sappi Fine Paper Europe.

“This unique laminated solution, developed collaboratively by Sappi and Innovia, is home compostable and designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications. At Sappi, the environment is everything, and Algro Nature with NatureFlex laminate is a great example of our dedication to sustainability making its way into the marketplace.”

Neil Banerjee, Market Manager for Innovia Films, adds, “Over the past few years, Sappi and Innovia have collaborated on a number of projects to leverage each other’s expertise in order to deliver a complete solution. Coteca presents a great opportunity to showcase some of the work we have completed together and raise awareness in the marketplace. We look forward to talking with attendees about this highly effective and environmentally sustainable alternative for coffee and tea packaging.”

Kerstin Dietze states that converters who have tested this laminated home-compostable solution have been enthusiastic, finding that it functions well and is easy to print on with compostable inks as well as easy to heat-seal and form into pouches, bags and flow wrap packs. “The ability to be composted in a home compost bin is the icing on the cake, so to speak,” she adds.

In addition to Algro Nature with NatureFlex laminate, Sappi Fine Paper Europe will be showcasing a broad array of packaging grades, both papers and SBB boards, that are uniquely suited to coffee and tea packaging, including:

• Algro Vitess for flexible packaging, coated on one side and offering high whiteness, brightness and dimensional stability. Designed for both flexographic and gravure printing, it is available in weights of 50 g/m² to 120 g/m².

• Algro Finess, a universal one-side-coated glossy paper for high-quality packaging applications including cold sealed tea envelopes and coffee wrappers that demand high whiteness, available from 40 to 140 gsm.

• Algro Nature, A one side coated glossy Kraft paper without mineral oil-based binders. The home compostable grade is designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications (e.g. pouches, sachets and sticks) available from 40 to 80 g/m².

• Algro Teepack, a one-side-coated paper with excellent printability and crimping properties designed for tea crimped envelopes, available in 70 and 80 gsm.

• Leine Teepack, an MGBK uncoated paper with excellent crimping properties designed for tea crimped envelopes, available in 62 and 70 gsm.

• Leine Nature, an uncoated MGBK paper. This home compostable grade is designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications and is available in weights from 25 to 60 gsm.

• Algro Guard M, an innovative MGBK paper with a coating on the top side for gravure printability with an integrated mineral oil barrier on the reverse side to protect food contained in sachets and pouches. Jointly developed with BASF, Algro Guard M is available in weights from 90 to 140 gsm.

• Leine Guard M, an MGBK paper with an integrated mineral oil barrier (MOB) on the reverse side to protect food, also developed jointly with BASF. Designed for various food packaging applications, including wrappers and inner bags, it is available in weights from 80 to 120 gsm.

• Algro Design, a one-side-double-coated SBB board for premium packaging such as tea and coffee cartons and tags that demand high whiteness and brilliant colour reproduction, available from 160 to 400 gsm.

Innovia Films will also be displaying a host of innovative and complete solutions for tea and coffee packs that are designed to replace traditional laminate packaging with more sustainable materials.

Banerjee says, “Our NatureFlex films are increasingly being used in bio-laminate packaging constructions to provide necessary barriers. In addition to its environmental benefits, NatureFlex films also offer a host of advantages for packing and converting such as inherent dead fold and anti-static properties; high gloss and resistance to grease and oil; good barrier to gases, aromas and mineral oils; a wide heat-seal range; and easy opening. If the ethos of the brand is sustainability, NatureFlex and Algro Nature are an obvious choice.”

Innovia Films range of products on display at the show include:

Bean and roast coffee pack solutions:

• Paper/19 NK/50 PE – coffee pack with non-compostable valve

• Goglio SpA – coffee bio laminate with NatureFlex™ (complete pack with valve is industrially compostable)

• Bird & Wild NatureFlex™ bio laminate.

Bean and Roast coffee pack solutions with Matte film:

• Econic – bio laminate with a matte outer layer providing a natural appearance

Tea pack solutions:

• Carrington Organic Tea pouches using NatureFlex™ from the USA

• Variety of NatureFlex™ sachet and pouch solutions from GEPA, Le Jardin de Gaia, Arbor Tea and others.

Mother bag coffee capsules and pod solutions:

• Beanarella, Switzerland – joint solution with partners Sappi and BASF

• Rogers Family Company, USA – compostable mother bag (Ultra Flex Packaging Corp, USA

The issue of contaminant migration resulting from the use of recycled content in paper board packaging has been tackled by both Sappi and Innovia Films. Sappi’s recyclable Mineral Oil Barrier coated papers, including Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M, both of which offer a minimum 15-month mineral oil barrier functionality. The highly efficient and integrated barrier solution is offering also excellent heat sealing properties. Innovia’s NatureFlex has been tested and proven to offer up to five years mineral oil barrier protection. Also available is Propafilm RCU, a BOPP film that provides an 18-month barrier to mineral oil.

Traditional cardboard packaging materials typically contain recycled fibres for which one of the primary raw materials is newspapers. Newspaper printing inks, as well as many commercial printing inks, contain mineral oil as solvents. Because the printing ink components are not completely removed during paper and cardboard recycling, mineral oil components can remain in the fibres. If the recycled board is used for packaging of food or transport boxes of the food packages, the mineral oil residues can migrate into the foodstuff contents, even when the contents are protected by an inner bag. Printing inks used for printing packaging materials can also be a source of mineral oil contamination. Using NatureFlex, Algro Guard M and Algro Leine M or Propafilm RCU eliminates this risk to food safety and means that there is a product to meet a wide range of shelf life requirements.

“As always, we are working closely in partnership with our customers in the packaging sector to help them identify the best means of differentiating their offerings while also expending significant resources in the development of new and innovative solutions that will help them reach that goal,” concludes Kerstin Dietze.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing the results of this work to Coteca to spread the word in that the future of coffee and tea packaging is here.”

Banerjee adds: “We have advised companies around the world on the options available to them to replace existing non-renewable packaging formats with more sustainable options. Many of the samples we have on show on the stand are good examples. There is certainly a move in the tea and coffee industry towards sustainable packaging.”

Community Shop given huge award by Food and Drink Federation

Community Shop, the UK’s first network of social supermarkets delivered by Company Shop, has won the ‘Community Partner Award’ at the prestigious Food and Drink Federation Awards in London.

Sharing the award with Company Shop were Kettle Foods, who were named joint winners. The accolade recognises a company that is making a real difference within its community. In a highly competitive category, Community Shop was shortlisted alongside Central England Co-operative, General Mills, Mars Foods and Siemens.

Community Shop is a social enterprise that redistributes surplus food from the supply chain and makes it available at heavily discounted prices to those living in areas of deprivation and experiencing in-work poverty.

Its first store was launched in the South Yorkshire town of Goldthorpe in December 2013 - one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. It gained widespread national and international media coverage upon its launch, and was highlighted as a ‘Future Icon’ of sustainable, socially impactful consumer business practice by The Big Issue magazine.

Working with most of the major retailers and many top brands, including ASDA, Morrisons, The Co-operative, M&S, Tesco, Mondelēz, Nestlé, Ocado, Tetley, Young’s and Muller amongst others, industry support has been significant, and continues to grow.

But it is not just access to discounted food that marks Community Shop out as the winner of the FDF Community Partner of the Year. Members of the store also benefit from access to services provided at its ‘Community Hub’; where they can engage with professional mentors and seek support with budgeting and debt advice, skills and employment training and business incubation. The Community Hub Success Plan aims to provide a route back to financial independence, and towards mainstream retail.

Delivering maximum social, environmental and economic impact from surplus product is the driving motivation behind Community Shop. Following the success of the Goldthorpe pilot, preparations are well underway to launch a second pilot store in London, before expanding the network across the UK.

The award was collected by Mark Game, Managing Director of Company Shop, who says: “This is such a proud and humble moment for all of us. We have been bowled over by the support received for Community Shop so far. To be named the Community Partner of the Year is just incredible.

“Company Shop has always viewed surplus food as a valuable resource and our social supermarket model shows just how much of a positive social impact we are able to have - both on people’s lives and on the industry as a whole.

“We are excited about what the next twelve months have in store, and look forward to our continued expansion in the sector and across the UK.”

Carnaby celebrates London Restaurant Festival

Throughout October, Carnaby will be taking part in London Restaurant Festival – a citywide celebration of eating out.

For the first time, festival-goers can buy a ticket to the Carnaby Village Tour, giving them the chance to ‘restaurant-hop’ between six of Carnaby’s hottest dining venues, enjoying a taster dish and drink at each.

Ticket holders can eat around the globe without leaving Carnaby, as the six restaurants taking part represent six diverse global cuisines. Sample specialities from three of Carnaby’s newest restaurants: Peruvian Señor Ceviche, Pizza Pilgrims Neapolitan Pizzeria and Frigittoria and Japanese tonkotsu ramen bar Shoryu Carnaby; as well as renowned Carnaby favourites: modern Indian Cinnamon Soho, Hawaiian burger grill Kua ’Aina and Asian noodle bar Cha Cha Moon.

Indulge in tomato arancini stuffed with buffalo mozzarella at Pizza Pilgrims in Kingly Court and sea bream and king prawn ceviche with red onion and crispy baby squid at Senor Ceviche.

Whilst on the restaurant tour, enjoy the surroundings and atmosphere of the bustling Kingly Court, a unique hub with 19 independent cafes, restaurants and bars around a courtyard which is open air throughout the summer months and covered in winter.

Clare Harris, Head of Marketing at Shaftesbury PLC says: "We can’t wait to take part in London Restaurant Festival, which has established itself as a excellent showcase for the capital’s thriving dining scene.

"The Carnaby Village Tour is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to sample six of the diverse and exciting restaurants that we have in the area, and to take in Kingly Court – which is Carnaby’s new food and dining destination.”

London Restaurant Festival is taking place from 8 – 27 October. The Carnaby Village Tours will take place on Saturday 11, 18 and 25 October, with tickets priced at £55.

Seven deadly sins lead celebrations at Angelus

To celebrate its seventh birthday, Angelus, the award-winning French restaurant just off Hyde Park, is letting you work your way with relish through each of the seven deadly sins with a special menu.

There will also be a chance to taste some exceptional surprise wines saved especially from his unique cellar for the occasion by owner Thierry Tomasin, former Chairman of Sommeliers of Britain.

Chef Pierre Needham has created a vice-inciting seven course menu, tempered with virtuous between-courses. The special menu, which will be available from September 27th to October 7th, is a showcase for Angelus’ classically-inspired, contemporary French cuisine.

The menu is priced at £77 per head, and at £207 including exceptional matched wines with each course. Thierry has selected some truly top wines to be served with the birthday menu, including a Montrachet, a Chateau Latour, and a Richebourg.

You will only know which wines you will be able to enjoy as the bottles are opened. There is a decadent air of surprise to this whole experience.

Nespresso Business Solutions to provide 500,000 coffees during Ryder Cup

Nespresso is the official coffee supplier for this year’s Ryder Cup in Gleneagles, Scotland, taking place 23 – 28 September.

Throughout the tournament, Nespresso will provide an estimated 500,000 Grand Cru coffees, offering golf fans at Gleneagles the opportunity to sample some of Nespresso’s finest coffee at their bespoke Coffee Bar boutique.

The unique sponsorship with Ryder Cup builds on a rich history of sporting partnerships Nespresso has developed in recent years, including the sponsorship of emirates team New Zealand in the Americas Cup, one of sailing’s most prestigious competitions as well as the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and BMW International Open.

Ian McDonald, B2B Manager, Nespresso says: “Given that Nespresso has a singular focus on delivering excellence and creating an ultimate coffee experience for customers – from bean to cup – our partnership with Ryder Cup was a clear match

In the UK, Nespresso provides a number of business machines to leading sports stadiums, including Royal Ascot and Wembley, offering a premium experience by introducing quality coffee for corporate hospitality spectators. The Nespresso coffee capsule system ensures that the expectations of savvy coffee drinkers are met both in and outside the home with Nespresso business solutions – an offering of coffee machines designed to meet the needs of some of the most discerning hosts in the world’s foremost hotels, restaurants and sporting venues.”

He continues “As the UK moves into a nation of coffee connoisseurs with increasingly sophisticated tastes and expectations, it is great that guests can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at the world’s best restaurants, all the way through to, the largest sporting stadiums.”

The Nespresso Business Solutions coffee range comprises of nine different Grands Crus across four families, Ristretto, Lungo, Espresso and Decaffinated. Business customers are able to choose from a range of machines including the Aguila machine, with four extraction heads designed for high volume establishments to a smaller size, ideal for sports suites and boardrooms, producing exceptional coffee and hot water at the touch of a button.

5000 London takeaways to get free app

Preoday has has begun building free mobile apps for every one of London's 5,000 independent takeaway restaurants.

The apps let consumers place orders directly with their favourite takeaways via their smartphones. Unlike the big portals, Preoday takes no commission on orders, meaning restaurants cut out middleman fees and keep costs down for consumers. Once their app is built, all a takeaway owner needs to do is register their bank account to receive customer payments and press the “go live” button - meaning they can ‘go mobile’ in just 60 seconds.

Averaging 20 a day, Preoday will complete all 5,000 apps by the end of 2015, but consumers can help their favourite restaurant leapfrog the queue by nominating them at www.preoday/nominate. Restaurant owners can also ask to be prioritised at the same link. Preoday will build free apps for those restaurants with the most requests first.

Andrew White, CEO of Preoday, says, "This is our gift to the people of London and the owners of the takeaways they love. We’re doing this because it is easy and inexpensive to do. The technology we’ve built automates the process, and we can complete branded apps in under 60 minutes. Those restaurants with the most loyal and passionate customers have most to gain by cutting out the middleman and taking mobile orders direct - that’s why we’re inviting consumers to tell us which of their favourite takeaways should be prioritised.”

Smartphone penetration in the UK is now at 71%1 and they are fast becoming the most popular way for Brits to order the £30bn of takeaways they consume every year2 and 73% of takeaways owners say mobile apps are imperative to their growth3.

But because most takeaways are independently owned and run, without the know-how or IT budget to build their own-brand app3, they are forced to use aggregators like JUST EAT that charge commissions of up to 13%. This hurts the takeaway’s bottom line and independent research shows they are often forced to pass on the cost to end consumers, resulting in higher prices. In a recent study, a third of takeaways bought from JUST EAT were more expensive than if the customer had bought them directly4. With the average Brit spending £1,320 on takeaways each year5 this can add up.

White continues, “It’s wrong that hardworking takeaway owners lose up to 13% of revenue each time a regular customer orders via an app provided by a portal. We’re offering a simpler, fairer model that keeps cost down for consumers and boost the restaurant’s bottom line.”

Preoday already supports hundreds of UK food-service venues with free apps and plans to extend the free app giveaway to other cities in 2015.

Hopeless cooks wasting billions a year

New research has found that £3 billion worth of home cooked food is being wasted every year as 75% of Brits admit to ditching inedible dinners.

A third of Brits (35%) say even their own family can barely ‘tolerate’ their cooking, and one in ten (10%) hopeless cooks confess to passing a takeaway or ready meal off as their own.

The research, released today to celebrate the launch of Kenwood’s Disaster Chef campaign, also found that, rather than motivate their audience, cookery shows such as Great British Bake Off made one in ten (10%) people feel inferior and intimidated and 63% of Brits uninspired.

Fronted by self-proclaimed kitchen rookie and actress, Hermione Norris, Kenwood’s Disaster Chef campaign is taking on the challenge of transforming the nation’s cooking skills, starting with identifying the nation’s 15 worst cooks.

Hermione says,“As a kitchen novice myself, I can sympathise with those whose enthusiasm doesn’t quite match up to their skills in the kitchen. The Kenwood Disaster Chef campaign is such a great opportunity for aspiring cooks, like me, to develop their cooking skills with the help of Kenwood’s expertise.”

Mark Swift, Director of UK & Ireland Marketing at Kenwood, says, “While we are a nation that loves cookery shows, our research shows that this certainly isn’t translating into our cooking at home! With three quarters of Brits binning the fruits of their culinary labour, it’s never been more timely to launch our annual Disaster Chef campaign. Watching some of the UK’s worst cooks develop their skills week by week and become masters of their own kitchens makes us incredibly proud and we can’t wait to see the results of this year’s campaign.”

For this year’s Disaster Chef campaign, the contestants will be using the next generation Kenwood Chef – CHEF Sense. The new features, such as load sensing technology and unique fold function, are all key to ensure the machine is intuitive to use, for both professionals and novices alike.”

Kenwood Disaster Chef will be open for entries from Monday 1 September via the Kenwood Disaster Chef Facebook App –

Grocer gets Dragon’s Den business revamp

In April, grocer, Daniel Ox, won a month of priceless mentoring from former Dragon and YO! Sushi founder, Simon Woodroffe.

Within three months of his first mentoring session, Daniel, from Romford in Essex, had secured half a million pounds of new investment.

Ox founded his business, Fruit for the Office, in 2002, and the company marries his family’s 100-year-old costermonger business, which is now run by his stepfather Tommy Miles and mother Lesley, with his own background in digital marketing.

Using software written by Daniel himself, Fruit for the Office runs a very 21st century online delivery service, allowing offices in London and the south east to order and take delivery of his family’s fresh produce.

But Daniel felt he had come to a crossroads, with his parents looking to retire and Fruit for the Office ready to expand.

The businessman’s big moment came when he met Woodroffe for his first mentoring session, which was organised thanks to a scheme set up by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in partnership with The Times.

The former Dragon was immediately impressed by Daniel’s drive and introduced him to Hazel Hutchinson, a seasoned expert in investment and director of Aegis Corporate Strategy.

With the help of Hutchinson, Daniel was put in contact with a business man that runs an equivalent dairy business. He convinced Daniel that he was “100% in the right place”, giving him the confidence to pitch to more of Hutchinson’s network.

Since Daniel’s month of mentoring, the positive feedback that Ox has received about Fruit for the Office has helped encourage his parents to stay on for three more years in order to focus on building up the business with a view to a potential sale or partner takeover.

But Daniel has also secured his much needed investment from a surprising source: Hutchinson herself, who was so impressed with the businessman that she decided to offer him the £500,000 necessary to take his business on to the next stage, which will include hiring a dedicated sales manager to follow up all potential new leads.

Hutchinson says: “I thought Daniel was quite an exceptional individual.

“I think he has got a very good future.”

On his mentoring, Daniel says: “I always remember Simon saying to me that when he was starting out he knocked on hundreds of doors and every time he got a no he celebrated, as it just meant he was closer to a yes.

“Advice like that has really helped me through this process. I’ve picked up some amazing tips and knowing that Simon and Hazel believed in me has given me the confidence to trust my judgement.”

On the mentoring, Simon Woodroffe says: “When I first met Daniel, I thought he was good, but perhaps a bit slick. The more I know him I’ve realised how capable, clever, intelligent and bold he is.

“He’s a real hustler – a nice, decent and honest person, who’s learned from the university of life, from seeing his father build up a business.

“My role for Daniel has been introducing him to Hazel – to a world where you can build up a business to have a value that you can access when it’s a bit older.”

Nicola Burnside, Marketing Communications Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles adds: “This partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to working in partnership with Britain’s business owners.”

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