Chinese beef market opens to Irish exports

Scottish food and drink exports hit £6.3bn
Credit: Zeljko Radojko

The Chinese beef market has opened to exports from Ireland, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, has announced.

“The opening of this key market presents an excellent opportunity for the Irish beef sector, from farmers through to processors, in line with the market development theme of our Food Wise strategy,” he said.

“Opening and developing new markets is also a key part of our response to the uncertainties arising from Brexit.”

“This decision also represents a powerful endorsement of Ireland’s high standards by the Chinese Administration, for which food safety is a prerequisite for trade.”

Creed added: “Our agri-food exports to China have increased roughly five-fold from around €200 million in 2010 to nearly €1 billion last year. This has been a remarkable achievement and underlines the importance of the Chinese market.

“For beef, the door has now been opened and there is a real opportunity for the industry to build on this. I will lead a trade mission to China next month to further build on our trade relationships and continue our dialogue with the Chinese Government.”