Consumers doubt impact of junk food advertising ban, research finds

Consumers doubt impact of junk food advertising ban, research finds
Credit: Billion Photos

Most consumers doubt the likely impact of restricting and banning junk food advertising despite agreeing with the approach, new research claims.

This comes a week after the ban on junk food advertising was introduced on London’s transport network and as the Government mulls a ban on junk food advertising on TV before watershed.

Research conducted by consumer insight agency Engage Research found that 40% of those surveyed were in favour of banning junk food advertising on transport systems.

However, 70% believed that people will continue eat what they like irrespective of whether they see advertising or not and 31% believed that the ban would improve the eating habits of adults, teens or children.

Nearly half (49%) agreed that stopping advertising for fast food was another example of the nanny state and that people should be able to eat what they like. Only 14% disagreed.

46% said that advertising on television for food and drink products was most likely to catch their eye, compared with 19% on transport systems; 18% via fliers through the door; 16% in magazines and newspapers; 13% on bill boards on the street, and 12% on the radio.

Lyndsay Peck, Director of Engage Research, says: “Interestingly, given the proliferation of fast food options, more than half of those surveyed pointed to healthier options being available as fast food whilst 60% agreed that ‘not all fast food is bad for you, there are plenty of healthy options available.”