Emphasis on innovative start-ups at Future Food-Tech Summit

Emphasis on innovative start-ups at Future Food-Tech Summit
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ science photo

In March, the Future Food-Tech Summit will host seventeen start-ups that have the potential to reshape the food-tech innovation landscape.

The start-ups selected by the Future Food-Tech Summit offer game-changing technologies to solve a range of food-tech challenges, from cell-based milk to whole muscle plant-based meats and from AI-based digital scent detection to supply chain digitisation.

Start-ups featured at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco include:


Amfora applies gene editing to enhance the nutritional profile of crops that are central to global food security.

Atomo Coffee

Founded by friends Jarret Stopforth and Andy Kleitsch, Atomo is a science and technology company recreating premium commodities in a sustainable fashion. The initial product focus is on coffee, made without coffee beans.

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences (BYAS)

BYAS is an industrial biotechnology company focused on innovative applications of microalgae to meet our planet’s food and agriculture challenges.

BCD Bioscience

BCD is creating the world’s premier offering of prebiotic and functional carbohydrates by identifying, functionalising and commercialising unique glycan structures from natural feedstocks.

Connecting Food

Connecting Food is the first blockchain solution in the world to track and digitally audit food products in real-time from farm to fork, all on an interoperable platform.

Creatus Biosciences  

Creatus Biosciences develops scalable, fermentation-based processes using a novel yeast platform with unique xylose sugar metabolism and robust environmental tolerances.

Cubiq Foods

Cubiq Foods is the first FAT platform to address the food industry needs. It develops value added fats as omega-3 fatty acids by cell agriculture as an alternative to fish/algae oil, and high oleic sunflower oil SMART FAT as fat replacements for animal fat and saturated vegetable oils in plant-based products.

Eclipse Foods  

Eclipse Foods is a Y combinator-backed start-up making plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from conventional dairy in taste, texture and functionality.

Emergy Foods

Emergy produces its own nutrient-dense and sustainably made meat alternatives that deliver the enjoyment of animal-based meat while only using a few all-natural ingredients, marketed under the plant-based meat brand Meati Foods.

Intello Labs

Intello Labs digitises quality in fresh produce supply chains, reducing food wastage by detecting variance from specifications and matching output to needs.


NutriLeads is a pre-commercial health ingredients company that develops crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits for specific patient and consumer groups.

ONO Exponential Farming

ONO Exponential Farming is the first “Seed-to-Pack” vertical farming platform, a patented lean technology for hydroponic cultivation.


Built by farmers, powered by AI and backed by Lloyd’s of London, Stable protects food and farming businesses from the risk of volatile commodity prices.


Stratuscent has developed a breakthrough portable, real-time, and low-cost electronic nose which leverages chemical sensing and AI to detect, digitize, and catalogue simple and complex everyday scents.


Suggestic is a personalised nutrition platform used to create and distribute AI-powered dietary programs.

TurtleTree Labs

TurtleTree Labs is the first biotech company in the world with the ability to create milk from all mammals.


Zymtronix packs and deploys enzymes as green catalysts, making ingredients more efficiently and precisely than chemistry or fermentation.

Hundreds more innovators will be among the 1,000+ delegates at this year’s Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco as the summit offers a crucial platform to showcase fresh and cutting-edge solutions to a global audience of food brands, technology providers, entrepreneurs and investors.