Online shopping growth drives demand for new adaptable warehousing

How can warehousing cope with the demand and growth of online shopping? One answer is modular designed semi-permanent structures. Rubb Buildings is UK manufacturer of these type of structures, and the company has seen an increase in the demand for adaptable warehousing.

“Feedback from our customers suggests that they are planning for the future, to be able to maintain the flow of their production and fulfil the demand from their customers,” said Ian Hindmoor, Managing Director of Rubb Buildings.

“Rubb storage facilities provide an alternative and sustainable solution to traditional storage warehouses. To keep up with this ever-changing environment a semi-permanent fabric structure helps save on costs and is able to adapt to the changing requirements of the end user.”

Flexible warehouse space provides businesses with many unique advantages, including fast design, manufacture and construction, with the flexibility to be adapted, modified, extended or relocated if needed.

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