demonstrate growth and range with new brochure demonstrate growth and range with new brochure has launched a new brochure demonstrating its continued growth as the UK’s largest supplier of plastic pallets and boxes to industrial sectors including food, retail and automotive.

MD Jim Hardisty said: “We understand that today’s supply chain is both demanding and fast paced.

“Our exclusive partnerships with five of Europe’s leading manufacturers and our large UK warehouse mean we can hold huge product quantities on site and deliver from stock, straight to our customers within three days or less.

“With more and more businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions, we can also help customers fulfil their environmental commitment, since 90% of the plastic pallets we stock are made from recycled domestic and industrial plastic waste.

“These recycled plastic pallets can provide many years of strong and reliable service and at the end of their long working life, the plastic can be reground and turned into new plastic products.”

The new brochure presents some of the most popular products holds in stock and is divided into two sections – 160 different styles of plastic pallets and 32 different sizes and styles of pallet boxes at the front, and a comprehensive range of small containers, crates and trays plus a versatile selection of lids and transport dollies at the back.

Each section includes a ‘Buyers Guide’ with useful information about different materials, loading capacities and personalisation options, as well as an explanation as to why customers should ‘Leave the wood. Go plastic’.

Product images and technical information for each product are neatly displayed allowing customers to easily compare products.

The addition of a recycling symbol also makes it easy for customers to identify which plastic pallets have been manufactured from recycled material.

The brochure also includes information about the company becoming an Accredited Exporter of plastic packaging waste, which highlights that really is leading the way when it comes to sustainability. can help businesses that have plastic pallets or boxes they no longer need by returning them to a specialist factory in Belgium, where the plastic will be reground and reused in their products – ensuring they are recycled in a sustainable way.

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