Government cash supports Food Enterprise Zones in Lincolnshire

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Credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky

Having identified Greater Lincolnshire as one of its new Manufacturing Zones, the Government is awarding the region £155,000 to help fund the creation of three new Food Enterprise Zones.

The funding from central Government is part of a half-million-pound package for the East Midlands and aims to support economic growth and investment by reducing planning restrictions.

After the Government announced an East Midlands Manufacturing Zone pilot back in November 2017, the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership submitted its bid last year to enhance the development of the area’s three Food Enterprise Zones (FEZ) in Hemswell, Holbeach and Grimsby.

LEP Director Ruth Carver said: “This is welcome news for Greater Lincolnshire and our multi-billion-pound food industry. It will allow us to build on our local economic strengths.

“This new status and funding will accelerate the delivery of Greater Lincolnshire’s three Food Enterprise Zones as well as the South Humber Industrial Investment Programme.

“Many businesses utilising the zones have found limitations in infrastructure and transport are constraining their ability to grow.

“This much-needed funding will help us address these issues by undertaking studies into modernising infrastructure and the transport network in a way which supports growth.

“This bid will provide a small amount of funding, but by targeting it in the way that is being proposed the outcomes will be significant.”

The funding will help to address the constraints identified by businesses using the sites by undertaking studies into using rail to move freight to and from the zones in Grimsby, into developing smart grid technology in Hemswell, and into finding innovative solutions to water and sewage supply at Holbeach.