Delivering successful bespoke hygiene cleaning operation

Delivering successful bespoke hygiene cleaning operation
Guenther Bakeries

Axis Cleaning and Support Services has held the Hygiene Support contract at Guenther Bakeries in Heywood since 2013 and at its Banbury site since 2017. Sector Director Mark Ferguson explains what’s involved in the successful delivery of the bespoke hygiene cleaning operation.

Over the two sites, the contract includes full food production plant cleaning, all hygiene related services, silo cleaning, office cleaning and laundry services, with our overall objective to add value, improve standards and rationalise costs and services across the two sites.

Over the years we have introduced several key innovations to improve and increase our productivity levels. A dry ice cleaning process, for example, uses a compressed air system to ensure efficient and safe cleaning of key electrical parts, and is also extremely effective on non-electrical areas – reducing the number of processes required. We effectively utilised this system on cleaning the dust covers and link chains on the final proofer systems, meaning dough can be removed from the link chains easily, efficiently, and without the need for each link to be cleaned by hand.

Enhancing safety and efficiency, we have reduced the use of mobile electronic work platforms (MEWPs) by investing n a ‘SkyVac system’ that enables the cleaning of high and awkward areas from ground level. The product was chosen as it is Atex Rated to Zone 22, mitigating any risk involved with flour creating a combustible environment.

We work in partnership with Guenther, utilising our experience of the stringent cleaning and hygiene requirements of food manufacturing to ensure best practice.

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