Loma Systems’ IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector increases inspection efficiency

By working closely with both food manufacturers and retailers to fully understand their processing challenges, ‘Check & Detect’ market leaders, Loma Systems, routinely use its unrivalled level of experience and technical expertise to deliver innovative, best-in-class inspection solutions such as their IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector.

Often known as a ‘gravity fed’, or a ‘throat’ detection solution, the IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector is ideal for detecting metal contaminants early in the production process before the product moves down the line, thereby minimising the potential cost of wastage and protecting equipment.

Using this technology, it is quicker and more efficient to inspect free-falling loose format product for contaminants than by other means, and can be undertaken without any interruption to production processes. With the detector, the inspection results for free-fall materials are excellent with metal detection levels of down to 0.8 mm diameter stainless steel.

The IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector is packed full of features and perfect for inspecting bulk powders and granules, from cereals and grains, to fruit, vegetables and nuts. And if handing very fine products such as flour that present an explosion risk, then Loma can certify its IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector specifically for high risk environments.

Being part of Loma’s IQ4 metal detector series, the IQ4 Vertical Fall is designed with a 7” intuitive touchscreen featuring icon driven menus for easy set-up and operation. The system also has an Auto-Learn facility, capable of storing up to 200 different pre-sets, enabling the machine to be ready to inspect with no requirement to repeat a product set-up more than once.

Supplied complete with frame, throughput tube and choice of sealed valve or cowbell reject devices, the detector includes air failure and dump valve features to quickly highlight any equipment malfunctions. Additionally, from a security perspective, four password protected security levels are included for operators, supervisors, engineering and administrative staff, thereby ensuring complete access control.

In keeping with the Loma’s Designed to Survive philosophy, the IQ4 Vertical Fall Metal Detector delivers great detection sensitivity in a package that is straightforward to install, intuitive to use, easy to clean and maintain, able to withstand demanding production environments and provide a low lifetime cost of ownership.

The IQ4 Series is designed to meet SQF, IFS, BRC and other strict Retailer Codes of Practice and confirms support for higher compliance as well as providing a platform to ensure compatibility with future enhancements.

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