New portion size guide launched for food industry

New portion size guide launched for food industry
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A new guide has been launched by research and training charity, IGD, to help food businesses review and set portion sizes.

It identifies opportunities to reduce portions where appropriate to help consumers reduce their calorie intake.

The guide has been developed following extensive consultation with industry and is based on qualitative consumer research on eating out, on-the-go and in the home.

Using three different scenarios, the guidance offers step-by-step support for companies looking to downsize an existing product; set the portion size for a new product, and review portion information on labels of multi-serve products.

“We know that portion reduction is a really important topic for consumers,” said Hannah Pearse, Head of Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at IGD.

“Our research shows that 88% of shoppers want to improve their diet in some way, and that one in five of those looking to eat more healthily are trying to eat smaller portions. With obesity in the UK at an all-time high, we want to help companies reduce portion sizes without compromising on shopper satisfaction.

“Many food and drink businesses are already taking significant steps to make their products healthier, through reformulation, labelling and innovation.

“However, identifying opportunities to reduce portion size can be complicated, which is why we have been working with industry on comprehensive guidance to make the process simpler and more consistent.

“Today’s guidance is intended as another tool to support companies’ strategies to meet national public health targets and reduce calorie intake.”