Kuli Kuli raises $5m to make moringa a household ingredient

Kuli Kuli raises $5m to make moringa a household ingredient
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Red Confidential

Kuli Kuli, a Californian company pioneering the so-called superfood moringa, has closed a $5 million Series B financing round led by Griffith Foods with contributions from The Kellogg Company.

The company will use the investment to launch its new moringa ingredient business whilst continuing to scale its moringa powder, bars and shots business.

As part of its support, Griffith Foods will include moringa in its range of ingredient offerings for the company’s foodservice customers, processors, retailers and distributors.

Brian Griffith, Executive Chairman of Griffith Foods, said: “Our strategic partnership with Kuli Kuli will help both companies elevate moringa as an exciting new ingredient, and we look forward to bringing this sustainable and healthy offering to the food sector.”

Over the past five years, Kuli Kuli has pioneered moringa in the US, building a sustainable supply chain of small farmers while selling moringa products in 7,000 stores.

Now the company is on the precipice of selling moringa as an ingredient to other food companies.

Moringa is now the fastest growing green supplement in the category, outselling matcha and catching up to spirulina and wheatgrass.