Campaign to position welsh meat as ‘sustainable’ choice

Campaign to position welsh meat as ‘sustainable’ choice
Credit: LellsP

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has launched a new multi-media campaign to promote Welsh meat as a sustainable choice to consumers.

Launched at the organisation’s annual conference, the £250,000 marketing and communications campaign will promote the “positive environmental story” behind the production of Welsh lamb and beef.

Kevin Roberts, HCC Chairman, said the Board had dipped into its financial reserves to underpin the campaign, incorporating traditional and new media advertising and led by the industry’s farming champions.

“We’ll make consumers more aware of how the Welsh Way of rearing livestock is completely different from intensive production systems elsewhere,” said Mr Roberts.

“Our way is non-intensive, our landscape is ideally suited to rearing livestock on natural grass and rainfall, and our farms act as a carbon sink which can help mitigate climate change.”