Endo Sport launches UK’s first CBD-infused sports drink

Endo Sport launches UK’s first CBD-infused sports drink

The UK’s first CBD-Infused Sports drink, designed to be used by both athletes and non-athletes during workouts, is due to launch at the International Drinks Exhibition at the Excel 19th/20th November.

With interest in CBD oil growing at an unprecedented rate, Endo Sport will tap into the fitness market and offer gym-goers an alternative to their current sports drink.

With 10mg of CBD per 500ml bottle, Endo Sport can be taken as a pre- or post-workout drink. When taken before a workout, it delivers a boost of energy and increased focus to help get the customer through their gruelling session. After a workout, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD get to work to help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

As well as delivering the benefits of CBD, Endo Sport will also help​ consumers by replacing electrolytes lost through physical exercise and providing enhanced hydration​.

Pardeep Sooch, the founder of Endo Sport, says: “There has been a huge increase in the last year or so of the role that CBD can play in the sporting world. With a lot of well-known athletes from the worlds of rugby, MMA and the NFL coming out to support CBD, interest from amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts has understandably been piqued.

“English Rugby players ​James Haskell and George Kruis have both recently launched CBD sports supplements, so it looks like the industry is only going to keep getting bigger. Endo Sport fits naturally alongside these other brands, giving users a great-tasting sports drinking with the added benefit of CBD.”

Endo Sport will come in two flavours, Orange and Berry & Tropical.