Gluten-free wrap launched for foodservice market

Gluten-free wrap launched for foodservice market

Central Foods, a UK-based frozen food distributor, has launched a gluten-free wrap for the foodservice market.

The KaterBake wrap is part of an expanding range of free-from foodservice products supplied by the company. As well as being gluten-free, it is suitable also suitable for vegans.

“The demand for gluten-free food continues to grow and we are really pleased to offer this product to our food service customers to help them cater for an increasing number of consumers who have dietary requirements,” said MD Gordon Lauder.

“Wraps are a key ingredient of many of today’s popular food trends, such as street-food-style dining and grab-and-go, and the KaterBake gluten-free plain wrap will help to ensure that all customers are able to enjoy eating wraps, regardless of any dietary needs.”

The wrap has been developed to overcome persistent issues of splitting during preparation which, Lauder notes, had been a challenge in the past with gluten-free wraps.