Nestlé launches plant-based burger in Europe

Investing surging in plant-based foods
Courtesy of Nestlé

Plant-based food’s market proliferation shows no signs of slowing after Nestlé announced the launch of a new ‘cook from raw’ plant-based burger in Europe.

The Incredible Burger joins the company’s existing Garden Gourmet’s range and launches in Europe this month – first coming in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The company is the latest to launch its own plant-based burger, with ABP, Maple Leaf Foods all getting in on the action.

Wayne England, the head of Nestlé’s food business, said the burgers “underline Nestlé’s increased focus on tasty, authentic plant-based food”.

The burger is comprised of natural protein from soy and wheat, as well as possessing a beef-like appearance with beetroot, carrot and bell pepper extracts.

Nestlé said it will also roll out a cook from raw plant-based burger in the United States under the Sweet Earth brand, customized for the American consumer, this month.

Called the Awesome Burger, this new burger, to be sold fresh, will complement Sweet Earth’s existing veggie-centric burgers sold today.