Nestlé launch world’s first vegan bacon cheeseburger

Nestlé launch world’s first vegan bacon cheeseburger

Nestlé has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first plant-based bacon cheeseburger after developing vegan alternatives to cheese and bacon.

The company said its new burger solution will first be offered to professional clients such as restaurant and foodservice operators.

“More and more consumers are looking for delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based options when they dine out. We have now raised the bar by developing a ‘PB triple play’ of ingredients for an all-time classic: the bacon cheeseburger,” said CEO Mark Schneider.

The cheese and bacon alternatives were developed using a combination of natural ingredients such as plant-based proteins, fibres and oils.

In creating these ingredients, culinary chefs and food scientists worked alongside foodservice experts to tailor the products for use in professional kitchens, taking into account their specific cooking and serving requirements.

Nestlé said that its new burger offering is “significantly lower” in fat and saturated fat as well as being free of cholesterol and boasting a higher fibre content compared to a standard bacon cheeseburger.