Osho probiotic Belgian chocolate set to boost sales

Award-winning probiotic Belgian chocolate brand Ohso is now available in Boots’ Meal Deal as well as across three different retail platforms in the store. The brand has also partnered with double gold Olympic athlete Laura Trott and both collaborations are set to boost sales to over one million bars this year.

Designed to be eaten daily, health conscious Boots customers can now select Ohso cultured Belgian chocolate to support digestive health and have a delicious treat each day.

Laura Trott’s double gold Olympic wins and determination to succeed as a world class athlete makes her the perfect ambassador for Ohso and the brand has introduced the tagline “it takes good guts to win”. With Boots being a leading health store in the UK, these two partnerships are set to make a winning combination for Ohso.

Ohso Co-Founder Andrew Marten says, “This is a very exciting year for the brand and we are delighted that Laura Trott is representing us, who through her inspiring Olympic successes understands better than anybody that it really does take ‘good guts’ to win. Laura believes that enjoying an Ohso bar every day is both beneficial and really enjoyable.”

Packed full of active bio cultures which are uniquely encapsulated in the finest quality Belgian chocolate, Ohso uses chocolate to deliver good bacteria to the gut. Protected by the chocolate’s cocoa butter and the brand’s revolutionary patented microencapsulation process, the live bacteria are less affected by destructive stomach acidity than milk based probiotic supplements, and as a result are three times more likely to survive the gut intact.

The Belgian chocolate is rich in multiple minerals and contains 72 calories, or 63 calories for the ‘No Added Sugar’ varieties. Each individually wrapped Ohso bar contains over one billion live Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria, plus with either 53% or 70% cocoa content, they are packed with flavanols and antioxidants.

Ohso has no added dairy and is gluten, nut and cholesterol free. The range is all-natural and is available in five exciting variants, all suitable for vegetarian diets.