PureCircle unveils new next-gen stevia syrup sweetener

PureCircle unveils new next-gen stevia syrup sweetener
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Pat_Hastings

PureCircle has introduced an optimised blend of its next-gen stevia leaf ingredients to provide food makers with “superior taste” compared with other stevia syrups and liquid tabletop sweeteners.

Made from the stevia leaf, Sigma Syrup is non-GMO, and, like the company’s Reb M next-gen sweetener, it has a “clean, sugar-like” taste.

The launch of the new syrup follows news that the company has announced a new propriety varietal of stevia plants.

Carefully cultivated by PureCircle and successfully field-tested, this new varietal naturally yields greater quantities of the company’s next gen stevia ingredients, it said.

This breakthrough increases the effective yield of its stevia plans and enhances its production efficiency, as well as improving its ability to deliver a sustainable, cost-effective supply of stevia ingredients.

Expanding its reach, the company has also announced that it is opening a new office and innovation hub in Brazil.