Roquette’s new plant-based proteins offer taste & texture for meat alternatives

Roquette’s plant-based proteins offer taste & texture for meat alternatives

Roquette, a French provider of speciality ingredients, is launching two new plant-based textured proteins for the meat alternative sector.

The company is bolstering its existing range of texture pea proteins with the additional one made from peas and another from fava beans.

The proteins have been launched to provide greater taste and texture performance, improve nutritional profile and diversity of meat alternative types as consumer demand continues to increase.

According to Roquette, the new ingredients – Nutralys TP-C and Nutralys TF-C – “open up new taste and texture options” and foster further plant-based alternatives such as plant-based fish products.

Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Vice President of Pea and New Proteins Business Line at Roquette, said: “The demand for plant-based foods, and especially for plant protein, is booming and Roquette is very well positioned to respond to the massive movement through its investments and product innovations.

“We have already invested in two pea protein production sites: one in Europe (Vic-Sur-Aisne, France) and one in North America (Manitoba, Canada), scheduled to open in 2020.

“Their combined pea-processing capacity will be the largest in the world. As the pioneer of new plant proteins, we are very pleased today to expand our range of high quality plant-based proteins for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, and in particular for the meat alternative sector.”