Tesco launches vegan condiment range

Tesco launches vegan condiment range

Tesco has launched what it claims is the UK’s first ever plant-based condiment range via its vegan Wicked Kitchen range.

The new range has been launched as sales of plant-based foods continue to soar and consumer demand increases, especially for vegan sauces.

According to Tesco, sales of Hellman’s Vegan Mayo across its retail footprint grew by almost 400% indicating the massive appetitive for plant-based condiments.

Now the supermarket is welcoming its own plant-based condiment range as part of its exclusive Wicked Kitchen brand.

The range includes a beetroot dressing, siracha sauce, teriyaki sauce, Asian style BBQ sauce, a mango sauce and horseradish and mustard sauce.

“Plant-based/Vegan food is the biggest culinary movement this century and finding a good choice of complementary sauces as part of a high street shop has not been that easy,” said Derek Sarno, Tesco’s Director of Plant-based Innovation who created the Wicked Kitchen range.

“Now we’ve helped the growing need of plant-based food shoppers and those looking to reduce eating animals by creating an easy to use ‘kitchen toolbox’ of a recognisable range of unique, vegan amazing sauces.

“They will add that element of wicked excitement for all food-lovers looking to liven up their home-cooked dishes and help make choosing to eat more plant-based easier than ever.”

The range is part of a wider plant-based food launch which will see 30 more products such as wraps, sandwiches, seasonings, dressings, hitting Tesco shelves across the UK.