Naturex expands manufacturing capacity of blue spirulina

Naturex has introduced a new extraction line at its production site in France, tripling its spirulina production capacity.

The expansion of manufacturing capacity comes amid growing global demand for clean label blues and greens.

Spirulina is a microscopic fresh water blue-green alga, often listed as a “superfood”, with its colouring properties derived from the phycocyanin pigment.

Naturex’s water-based extraction process for Vegebrite Ultimate Spirulina ensures a 100% natural solution delivering clean-label friendly, trehalose-free formulations, available in various concentrations and formats.

“The natural colour landscape is constantly evolving,” says Nathalie Pauleau, Global Product Manager for Colours.

“Natural colours are now a prerequisite in many countries around the world. But health-conscious consumers want to go even further in their quest for transparency and must be provided with fully clean formulations, as minimally processed as possible.

“We are strengthening our colouring foods production capacity in Europe to provide our customers with vibrant colours that will help shorten ingredient lists.

“With the recent acquisition of Naturex by the Givaudan group, the natural colour category has become a key development area of business growth for us.”