Nespresso making coffee capsules more sustainable

Nespresso making coffee capsules more sustainable
Credit: Daniela Staerk

It’s no secret that single-serve coffee capsules are an environmental nightmare, but now Nespresso is aiming to make the industry more sustainable.

The coffee specialist has made a $1.2 million commitment to better enable the recovery of its aluminon coffee capsules through New York City’s curb-side recycling programme.

The commitment will also allow Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR) to better sort and capture lightweight aluminium – including foil and other mixed metals.

Once capsules are collected, they are sent to recycling businesses that work closely with Nespresso, who separate the aluminium from the coffee grounds to give them a second life.

The coffee grounds can be turned into nutrient-rich compost and topsoil. The aluminium is processed and, ultimately, reused to create new products.

“Nespresso is deeply committed to the circular use of our products, choosing aluminium packaging because it both protects the quality of our exceptional coffees and can be recycled and reused again and again,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, President and CEO of Nespresso USA.

“This collaboration will provide New York City-based consumers with another convenient way to recycle used capsules and other aluminium products at home, allowing these items to be given many new lives.”

This follows the launch of the world’s first fully compostable coffee capsule last year.