New yogurt culture sees Müller slash sugar

New yogurt culture sees Müller slash sugar
Courtesy of Müller

Müller is slashing up to 9% of sugar from its Corner yogurt range in the UK by using a new culture which, it says, also achieves a creamier texture.

The discovery of this new culture follows an protracted R&D process which involved access to more than 13,000 strains.

During this process, Müller discovered that a combination of two specific yoghurt strains created a less sour tasting yogurt meaning less sugar is required to create a better taste.

The discovery is part of Müller’s £100 million investment to innovate, develop, manufacture and market a new generation of yogurt and desserts products.

To date, the company has slashes total sugar by 13.5% which equates to 1,759 tonnes.

Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer at Müller, said: “From industry leading sugar reformulation to helping children to become more active, we’re extremely passionate about empowering people to live more healthy lifestyles.

“So as the UK’s favourite yogurt brand, the challenge we faced was how to reduce sugar, without ever compromising on taste.

“By changing the culture we use to make our yogurt we’ve created something completely unique.

“Not only does the new Corner yogurt recipe have a thicker and creamier texture, but it has less sugar. It’s backed by our consumer sampling, and we’re very excited to bring this new recipe to market.”