December launch for world’s first ‘vegan ribs’

December launch for world’s first ‘vegan ribs’

Ojah, a Dutch plant-based ingredients producer, is set to launch what it claims are the world’s first ‘vegan ribs’.

The ribs are made using the company’s newly developed texture, Heppi, which provides a plant-based facsimile of rib meat.

Heppi is a yellow pea-based high moisture extruded (HME) texture which providers the “bite, mouthfeel and juiciness” of meat.

“For the past 6 years, Ojah has been working on extending its HME ingredients portfolio,” says Head of Product Development, Joeri Hollink.

“We were focussed on developing a new texture, based on a different protein source than soya, but with the same WOW-effect as [plant-based chicken alternative] Plenti.”

To manage the expected strong demand, Ojah plans to introduce the ribs in Dutch foodservice outlets first.

In the second half of 2020, the company plans to expand production capacity and make Heppi available to preferred food manufacturing partners.