Parabel launching protein ingredient derived from water lentils

Parabel launching protein ingredient derived from water lentils
Courtesy of Parebel

Parabel, a Florida-based producer of plant protein ingredients, is launching a neutral coloured protein ingredient derived from water lentils.

The ingredient contains 65-70% hydrolysed protein, is highly functional and can be used in meat analogues which is a burgeoning market, the company said.

It also contains a complete amino acid profile which, together with the high digestibility of a hydrolysed protein, making it ideally suited for the sports protein industry.

Parabel added that it is also free from food allergens and is certified Non-GMO.

Water lentils produce a higher yield of protein than any other crop due to daily harvests and the technology is highly scalable. The minimal process takes 30 minutes from farm to table and no chemicals are used during processing.

“The water lentil hydrolysate has a superb functionality especially compared to other minimally processed ingredients,” said CEO Anthony Tiarks.

“In conjunction with its complete Amino Acid profile and high digestibility it will be an easy drop-in solution to everything plant-based – from burgers and sausages to sports nutrition and beverages.”

The company’s Lentein product line includes a protein hydrolysate, plant milk, superfood and flour.

Parabel is now finalising its second farm bringing the capacity for Lentein plant protein to 3,500 MT per year.

The location of the 2 farms and the pilot plant are in an Opportunity Zone and close to the company’s HQ.