Organic leaders to reveal latest trends at Nordic Organic Food Fair 2018

Organic leaders to reveal latest trends at Nordic Organic Food Fair 2018

Leading organic organisations and industry thought leaders have been confirmed to appear in the Nordic Organic Food Fair’s Organic Theatre, over 14-15 November, at MalmöMässan in Sweden.

These include Organic Sweden, Eosta BV, Business Sweden, Coop, Grönsakshallen Sorunda, Moreganic Sourcing AB, Organic Farmers & Growers UK, Natural Products Global, Ekoweb, Euromonitor International, and EkoMatCentrum.

The impact of Brexit, plant-based protein, Swedish exports, trends in the Baltic market, Nordic health and wellness in foods, the Swedish organic market, and global organic trends are just a few of the essential topics up for discussion in the packed two-day seminar programme.

Free for all visitors to attend – including buyers, retailers and managers from health stores, pharmacy chains, wholesalers, distributors and public kitchens – the sessions provide expert advice and insight into a constantly evolving market.

“I love the Nordic Organic Food Fair. It has a great vibe and it feels like a very engaged and well-informed community. Scandinavia also has a very distinctive organic offering, and it’s great to meet the people behind the products and brands,” says Natural Products Global’s editor Jim Manson, who will be revealing the launch of a Baltic Market Report on the first day of the show at 12.15pm.

He’ll also be sharing some key global organic trends in the Organic Theatre at 12pm on 15 November.

Global organic insights 

“On Natural Products Global we are constantly scanning hundreds of specialist and national news sources for the latest developments from organic markets worldwide.  I will compress the key milestones of the last 12 months into a fast-paced round-up of global organic trends,” says Manson.

“On the way, I’m going to be checking in on the latest market data, the biggest commercial deals of the year, key product and consumer trends and the changing regulatory environment.  I’ll also take a look at the industry’s ‘new disruptors’, who want to shape their own vision for organic – and I’ll show how they are already changing the discussion.”

For more vital insights into the Nordic region, David Hedin, senior analyst at Euromonitor International will be discussing the development of health and wellness (in foods) in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and will be sharing analysis of how the markets interact regionally.

“The nice thing about presenting at the fair is the wide understanding of health in general rather than a predetermined focus on a single trend,” says Mr Hedin, whose session will take place at 1.30pm on 14 November.

“This simultaneous focus on wellness, natural origin, organic, high protein, or reduced meat really leverages our content in the best way, enabling us to each year really get to the core of which food trends in the Nordics are most significant.”

As well as this, Charlotte Bladh André from Organic Sweden and Maria Varnauskas from Business Sweden, will be showcasing statistics on Swedish exports from an international perspective at the end of the first day (14 November).

And Cecilia Ryegård, editor and founder of Ekoweb, will once again be providing businesses and organisations with her latest figures and trends from the Swedish organic market, in the first session of the second day (15 November).

From Brexit to plant-based protein

With a potential Brexit deal looming, conditions for organic trade, to and from the UK, should emerge by the time show opens.

Industry experts, including Roger Kerr, CEO of Organic Farmers and Growers UK, Jonas Englund, global business developer (Västra Götaland) at Business Sweden, and Emma Yeats, operations manager at the Soil Association, will provide exclusive insights around Brexit at the regulatory level, as well as the commercial business level – providing visitors with some much-needed clarity around the turbulent subject.

And as the popularity of plant-based diets continue to grow – Louise König (sustainability director/consultant) will be moderating a session featuring: Michaël Wilde, sustainability and communications manager at Eosta BV; Fredrik Törn, head of customer insight and customer analysis at Coop; and Mattias Dernelid, product manager at Sorundahallarna & Exceptionell råvara, about the current trends around eating organic fresh fruit and vegetables for protein and where the plant-based sector is heading (taking place at 1pm on 15 November).

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