Chapelton to offer innovative Catcher Board MB12 from Smurfit Kappa

Speciality paper and cartonboard supplier Chapelton has announced the release of the new innovative packaging solution, the Catcher Board MB12 from Smurfit Kappa, which it will distribute into the UK packaging sector.

The Catcher Board MB12 is referred to by Smurfit Kappa as ‘the most innovative offering on the market’, and is produced using natural ingredients, which adhere to Smurfit Kappa’s industry-leading sustainability standards.

Neil Skelton, Chapelton Board Business Development Director, says, “Chapelton are delighted to be handling such an innovative food packaging product, which fits perfectly with our current speciality product range. What Smurfit Kappa have developed is ahead of the game in terms of its composition.”

Due to its composition, Catcher Board MB12 reduces the migration of any organic substances by 99%, and has been tested for a shelf life of more than twelve months. It is certified by Eurofins and ISEGA, both world leaders in the food and pharmaceutical product testing and approved laboratories for food safety.

The activated carbon layer in the recycled board keep pollutants within the material and adsorbs the odours even in the cut edges of the board, giving food products a reliable protection against migration contamination by organic materials. It also protects against organoleptic effects of any Taste and Odour into the food.

The new offering of Catcher Board MB12 has been developed in response to the prospective legislation which Germany intends to introduce that would prohibit the measurable migration of mineral oil and other hydrocarbons into food products.

According to Smurfit Kappa, whose Hoya mill is pictured, the new product looks, feels and reacts just like normal board during the packaging manufacturing process, and means that customers will not have to change of their processes as a result. With its introduction, it is hoped that Catcher Board MB12 will be the product that not only meets the new regulatory requirements, but also pre-empts customers’ future safety requirements.

Catcher Board MB 12 is 100% recyclable as a mono material, and as the activated carbon contained within its make-up originates from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, the FSC Chain of Custody is maintained.

The Activated Carbon is contained in the grey middle plies (filler) of the board where all the organics are adsorbed and retained. Catcher Board MB12 will be made available across the cartonboard production, with weights from 300gsm to 500gsm, and as a solid board packaging product, in weights from 400gsm to 2000gsm.