CMB Engineering takes Academy to the next level

After successfully launching the world’s first Academy of Canmaking and Seaming in March, CMB Engineering is announcing its expansion of its new Academy. The Academy was initially launched with a workshop area where practical lessons could be conducted with some of the most popular machines on the shop floor, such as the CMB5000 Bodymaker and CMB550 Trimmer (CMB 5500 Canmaker). With the recent completion of the Academy’s second development phase, the facility now features three separate classrooms where theory lessons will also take place.

Steve Williams, Academy Training Officer at CMB Engineering, says, “We are very excited with the success the Academy has had since it first launched, and we now look forward to providing more of our customers with enhanced training, supported by our additional facility and resources. Our customers will benefit from a training-friendly environment for both practical and theoretical lessons. We are confident that with the additional resources our training will be even more effective and valuable to the Engineers who attend.”

The first customer to take courses at the Academy of Canmaking and Seaming was Carlsberg, the world renowned brewing company who signed up four of its Engineers for a Seamer training course earlier this month. This course, which received exemplary feedback, was taught on the Ferrum ‘F’ Series and included Seam Evaluation as well as Seamer Gold Plan setting.

Jonathan Woolhead, Canmaking Engineer at Carlsberg, says, “It was great to have the opportunity to be trained by our supplier partner at their headquarters. The Academy really served its purpose as a stress free and safe environment to train in, and the course was very useful to help reinforce our canmaking skills and knowledge.”

The Seamer training courses, which are taught by a team of Seaming Engineers with many years of experience in the industry, are supported by a set of SOPs, illustrations and videos, all of which relate to the industry standard BCME manual. Additionally, while CMB Engineering now plans to also add 3400 Necker training to its course portfolio, bookings will continue to be accepted for Seamer and Canmaking courses on the Angelus and Ferrum Seamers and the CMB5500 Canmaker.

Steve Williams says, “The Academy has been very well received by industry professionals and we now have bookings until the end of the year from several high profile customers from the Middle East, Europe and Africa region. Looking forward we want to continue developing the Academy and the courses provided to our global customer base. We are also keen to help meet specific customer needs by producing bespoke training packages and will consider all requests for training on our canmaking equipment.”