I.DEA PACK launch new tray-sealing machine

I.DEA PACK has launched a new tray-sealing machine – dubbed PUMA – for packaging with vacuum-SKIN and protrusion.

The global market is rapidly evolving towards vacuum-skin packaging, following trends in the US and UK markets. The type of packaging is characterized by a better look, feel and finish when compared to alternatives. With this in mind, I.DEA PACK developed its protruding vacuum skin application and PUMA tray-sealing machine to meet the growing demand and popularity.

The innovative packaging machine offers the company’s clients a reliable and cheaper means to package with protruding skin. The packaging is mostly called upon for use in the meat, dairy and seafood industries, but the market is rapidly evolving with more and more companies implementing it.

Vacuum skin is gaining popularity and momentum the world over, especially among I.DEA PACK’s clients who, up until now, did not have the product output to justify a high speed tray-sealing machine. By developing vacuum skin for its smaller size automatic tray-sealing machine, the company are benefiting from first mover advantage.