New climate-friendly foodservice packaging unveiled by Danish Crown

New climate-friendly foodservice packaging unveiled by Danish Crown

Danish Crown has unveiled a new climate-friendly food packaging for the foodservice sector which it says extends shelf life and reduces plastic consumption by to 85%.

Dagrofa Foodservice in Denmark and the 29 S-Wholesale stores across the country will be the first to sell mined beef in the new packaging format, swapping the classic black tray to the tubular packaging without oxygen.

“There are some obvious advantages to this way of packing our minced beef. First of all, we reduce the consumption of plastic to an absolute minimum,” said Claus Hein, Sales Director at Danish Crown Beef.

“At the same time, the meat is packed without oxygen, which ensures that the shelf life from the production date is extended from 7 to 14 days, so overall there is a plus on sustainability for both less plastic consumption and less food waste.”

The meat will not appear quite as red in the “rollers”, as the oxygen used in the traditional meat trays means that the meat retains the red colour. But at S-Wholesale, it is typically professionals who shop for canteens, cafes and restaurants.

“We believe that our customers will see it as a step forward that the meat is now packed without oxygen,” said Mike Rasmussen, a category group manager at Dagrofa Foodservice.

“They will also note that the new tubes are easier to transport, fill less in the fridge and can actually be thrown directly into the freezer without repacking, so I’m sure they will accept the new “meat rolls”.”