Atria invests €130m to expand poultry production in Finland

Atria invests €130m to expand poultry production in Finland
Credit: Picsfive

Atria is investing €130 million to increase poultry production in Finland, strengthening the company’s position in the country’s growing poultry segment.

The investment project includes the renovation of existing production facilities and the construction of new production facilities and lines at the Nurmo plant.

Consumption of poultry meat has been growing strongly in Finland for several years. Since the beginning of 2019, the consumption has increased by about 4% in value.

Atria is responding to the growth in consumer demand and is now planning a major investment project.

“We will initiate the project planning based on preliminary studies. If implemented, the investment would be one of the largest single investment projects in Atria’s history,” said CEO Juha Gröhn.

“We have a strong belief in Finnish food production and the fact that the Finnish meat industry will succeed in international competition, as long as we have courage to invest in it.”

The company said that the first step is to begin the application process to secure regulatory approvals and “to complete then as soon as possible”.

Assuming approvals are granted, the expansion is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2024.