BD Foods and Adelphi – a match made in heaven

BD Foods and Adelphi – a match made in heaven

Adelphi customer BD Foods create innovative sauces, dressings and more. In 2011, Adelphi were pleased to supply them with their Response Benchtop Filler. It is quick to assemble and clean, meaning that changing between products/containers is easy and production downtime is minimal.

These time-saving factors are particularly important to Managing Director John Davis, who said: “BDFoods have found it more time-efficient to use Adelphi’s semi-automatic Response Benchtop Filler, than a fully automatic line.

“The higher production downtime when cleaning and changing the complete line meant that we were losing valuable filling time; not the case with the Response.”

BDFoods now own eleven Response Benchtop Fillers, which they have mounted onto stainless steel trolleys for mobility.

“We can adapt the layout of our machines and space as production demands,” said Mr Davis. “Every time we’ve moved away from the Response, we’ve had issues – you can quote me on that!”

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