Cargill support farmers with new intelligence platform

Cargill support farmers with new intelligence platform
the Feeding Intelligence website

Cargill has launched a new platform aimed at helping animal farmers navigate the changing food production landscape.

The ‘Feeding Intelligence’ platform provides resources for farmers on the latest intelligent animal production practices aimed at helping them improve their operations.

Resources, support and stories of commitment and care are featured on a dedicated website where farmers can find information on a variety of topics including technological advancement, animal health and well-being, performance and sustainability.

“Today’s farmers face countless challenges, from keeping up with a rapidly changing industry to navigating the demands of consumers around the way animals are raised,” said David Webster, president of Cargill’s Animal Nutrition & Health business.

“They are the heroes who nourish the growing world. But being a hero is a difficult job. That’s why Cargill is committed to supporting those who feed the world, equipping them with the resources, tools and solutions necessary to raise animals more sustainability, more responsibly—more intelligently.”