Cargill makes first move in soluble fibres in Europe

Cargill makes first move in soluble fibres in Europe
Credit: bellena

Cargill has made its first move into soluble fibres in Europe with a $35 million investment to bolster its portfolio of starches, sweeteners and texturisers.

These new soluble fibres will enable sugar reduction up to 30% as well as calorie reduction and fibre enrichment in confectionery, bakery goods, fillings, cereals, ice cream and dairy, whilst maintaining the desired appearance, taste and texture.

“This is a crucial investment to complement the broad portfolio of starches, including label-friendly functional and native starches, texturizers and sweeteners,” said Alain Dufait, Managing Director of Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturisers Europe.

“Our expanded offerings support the wide range of product formulations our customers need, while helping them meet changing consumer preferences.”

The new product line will be based on patented, advanced proprietary technology in order to offer great taste and mouthfeel, combined with enhanced product quality.

The soluble fibre products are expected to be launched in 2021.