Fabcom supplies production system for Scandinavian snacks giant

Fabcom supplies production system for Scandinavian snacks giant

Fabcom Food Systems, a maker of process equipment for the snacks industry, has increased its presence in Northern Europe after supplying a new production system for a major Scandinavian snack maker.

The company has provided two high capacity potato chip batch fryers, alongside new weighing, slicing and feeding equipment, to KiMs for the potato snack firm’s production plant in Skreia, southern Norway.

The installation marks the first time Fabcon has supplied the snacks maker – part of the Orkla Company with facilities across Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Latvia.

Trevor Howard, MD of Fabcon Food Systems, said the outcome of the delivery is a “modernised, 21st century production line, supplemented by a top-quality frying, weighing and slicing system.”

Jens Helge Sandberg, technical manager at Orkla’s C&S Skreia facility, added: “Our production line in Skreia was ageing and in need of replacement so we are delighted with Fabcon’s installation and designs – especially as we now have a higher output machine on the same footprint as the old system.

“The new equipment, including the fryers, have made the plant far more efficient and will benefit us in the years ahead.”