Fazer doubles oat milling capacity with €30m investment

Fazer doubles oat milling capacity with €30m investment
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Vorontsova Anastasiia

Fazer Group is investing €30 million in its oat milling business in a move that doubles the capability at its Finnish and Swedish facilities.

The investment comes amid growing global demand for oats and helps enable Fazer to reach its ambitions of becoming “the leading plant-based player in Northern Europe”.

“Fazer is aiming to grow in Northern Europe and beyond,” said President and CEO, Christoph Vitzthum.

“The superfood oats are booming worldwide and Fazer will leverage its knowledge in oats further.”

The investment will be equally divided between the mills in Lahti, Finland and Lidköping in Sweden. Fazer will build two new mills, doubling its current oat milling capacity.

Once the expansions have been finalised, Fazer said it will be “number one in oats in the Nordic countries and one of the leading players in Europe”.

In April, construction began on the company’s xylitol production facility making xylitol from oat hulls.