Macsa ID’s powerful laser system used for static marking on oak wine barrels

Macsa ID’s powerful laser system used for static marking on oak wine barrels

Further reinforcing its position at the forefront of advanced coding and marking equipment, Macsa ID UK’s compact K-1030 HPD laser system has been used for the static marking of oak wine barrels. The powerful, high performance 30 watt CO₂ model was chosen for its ability to achieve optimum definition on the high density wood.

The powerful Macsa K-1030 HPD laser system is ideal for marking wood such as oak as it delivers excellent contrast engraving as well as a high-quality focal point. Typically, the legibility of the mark depends on the quality and complexity of the logo itself. The more defined the greyscale is, the better the definition achieved on the wood.

Macsa’s K-1030 HPD laser system ensures a high definition mark along with good readability whilst obtaining uniform strokes of varying thicknesses. With the life of a wine barrel being approximately 10 years, laser is the best technology to achieve permanent, durable marking for traceability throughout the product’s shelf life and the wine reserved in it.

Due to its very high-power density, the Macsa K-1030 HPD laser is ideal for cutting and drilling multilayer flexible film, foil and other materials. In addition, it marks high resolution images on non-metallic materials and offers excellent results when coding on difficult materials.

The Macsa K-1030 features an extremely compact design with an adjustable laser marking head that enables the system to be installed on even the most complicated production lines.

The easy-to-use, low maintenance Macsa K-1030 laser marking and coding system operates using a combination of fast mirror tracking systems and modern software and hardware for reliable, high speed marking.

Offering a combination of laser cutting and coding in one unit makes Macsa’s HPD lasers very suitable for integration into forming, filling and sealing machines, which need to cut flexible plastic film and also mark batch coding in the material.

Macsa’s K-1030 HPD laser is simple to install and integrate. It is fully network enabled and equipped with an on-board computer making an external PC unnecessary. It covers large areas of marking while maintaining excellent definition and legibility.