Qimarox Prorunners are multi-purpose

Qimarox Prorunners are multi-purpose

More and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to give their Prorunner mk5 a second life. If they adapt or expand their production or packaging lines, this vertical conveyor from Qimarox can be given a new function after a minor modification. Due to the modular design with only standard components, the Prorunner mk5 fits effortlessly into any layout.

Unpredictability and uncertainty is increasing in the consumer product market. At the same time, the number of product introductions is growing, and product ranges are growing. As a result, manufacturers of consumer products are increasingly being forced to adapt or expand existing production and packaging lines.

More and more manufacturers are taking advantage of the modular design of the Prorunner mk5, the vertical conveyor system from Qimarox. With a few modifications, they can easily re-use their existing Prorunners in a new layout.

The Prorunner mk5 has a standard, modular design that is entirely made up of standard components. As a result, the configuration of this vertical transport system can be adapted in a short time by reusing crucial components for the drive, for example. You can adjust the infeed and/or outfeed height by placing a piece in between or removing it. Qimarox has the necessary components in stock, so that customers can count on fast response times.

Outfeed to multiple levels

The possibilities are greater than just adjustment of the infeed and/or outfeed height. Companies can also change the infeed and outfeed direction. An outfeed to the left can also be shifted to the right or to the front with a small investment. Expanding vertically? With a movable conveyor, it is possible to feed products out on several levels. Unlike with conventional vertical transport systems such as spiral conveyors, a completely new Prorunner mk5 does not have to be built for this.

Qimarox sees more and more companies making use of the possibility to adjust their Prorunner mk5.

“Reuse of components such as transport systems not only leads to lower costs, but also fits in with companies’ vision of sustainability and circularity,” said Jaco Hooijer, Operations Manager at Qimarox.

“Even if their final packaging line has been completely written off, they can simply give their Prorunners a second life. Thanks to the relatively simple mechanics with few wear parts and the use of standard parts, they can also be assured of a long life in this second life.”