Roquette increases pea protein supply to Beyond Meat

Roquette increases pea protein supply to Beyond Meat
Courtesy of Beyond Meat

Roquette, the French plant-based ingredients provider, has reinforced its partnership with vegan behemoths Beyond Meat with a new pea protein supply agreement.

The agreement builds on the ten-year strong partnership between the two companies and will see Roquette increase the amount of pea protein it supplies to Californian company over the next three years.

The deal comes as Beyond Meat looks to scale up its plant protein supply chain as the global demand for both its products and vegan facsimiles of meat products like burgers and sausages continues.

Pea protein is one of the key ingredients in the company’s flagship Beyond Burger, blended together with mung bean and rice proteins.

“This agreement with Beyond Meat enables both of us to continue to write the history of this promising market and to grow our businesses together,” said Roquette CEO Jean-Marc Gilson.

“Roquette has a passion for food, and we believe Nature has the answer to provide people with the food they need and demand.

“We are very pleased to continue supporting the growth of Beyond Meat, which shares our passion and values this long-term commitment.”