Agency appointed to advise food makers on Vegan Trademark

Agency appointed to advise food makers on Vegan Trademark
Lisa Fox and David Pannell, founders and owners of Promote Vegan

Yorkshire-based agency, Promote Vegan, has become the first and only organisation appointed for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

It will guide food producers through the process needed to apply for Vegan Trademark registration for their products.

Promote Vegan is an agency that helps companies better understand and engage with the vegan marketplace.

“Organisations in the food sector contact us every day enquiring about our Vegan Trademark registration and we are delighted that Promote Vegan is now working closely with us to help companies register their products,” said Chantelle Adkins, Head of Business Development at The Vegan Society.

“It is not a difficult process, but it is a very thorough one that goes through not just the ingredients of a product, but how it is prepared and manufactured to ensure the whole process is cruelty-free, meaning consumers can have the utmost confidence that a product is truly vegan wherever they see the Vegan Trademark.”

Lisa Fox, founder and MD of Promote Vegan added: “Promote Vegan helps people engage with and understand this new consumer and is now able to help companies register with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark which is the perfect addition to our offer.”