Catering & hospitality preparing for costly Christmas

Catering & hospitality preparing for costly Christmas
Credit: Brian Chase

Price rises on festive menu staples mean that catering and hospitality operators will likely be facing a costly Christmas, says buying specialist Lynx Purchasing.

Both turkey and Brussels sprouts are forecast to see higher prices in the run-up to the festive season. Other food items, from lemon to cream, are also in the inflation firing line.

“While we’re still waiting for clarity on how Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will affect the supply chain, other factors are having an impact as operators get ready for the peak trading season,” says Rachel Dobson, Managing Director of Lynx Purchasing.

“Extreme weather, from the spring floods to the summer heatwave in Europe, has affected many crops, and there are various other challenges facing meat, seafood and dairy.”

The advice comes as Lynx Purchasing publishes the Autumn/Winter 2019 edition of its regular ‘Market Forecast’.

“All in all, operators who haven’t yet secured the essentials they need for their Christmas menus may find some items in short supply,” added Dobson.

“Even where they have placed firm orders, they’re likely to have higher-than-expected bills to pay when it comes to settling up with suppliers in January.

“There is some good news. While there were concerns about the quality of the potato crop, in fact supplies are looking to be up to scratch in terms of quality, as well as good value.

“Most customers probably won’t object to a few more roast potatoes and not so many sprouts, but that won’t be much comfort for operators trying to manage margins across the whole menu.”