Coca-Cola European Partners invests in innovative delivery tech

Coca-Cola European Partners invests in innovative delivery tech
Credit: TeleRetail

The biggest Cola-Cola bottler has invested in two start-ups in a bid to transform the customer experience with on-demand delivery and self-driving technology.

Both Kol, an on-demand beverage delivery served in Paris, and TeleRetail, a self-driving technology company that has developed an autonomous delivery robot, have attracted investment from Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP).

The duo are both using intelligent systems for drinks delivery, adopting digital-first approaches to tackle a set of common logistical challenges faced by CCEP.

These partnerships are the first examples of how CCEP Ventures – which launched in February 2019 – will bring new ideas and technologies into CCEP, while leading industry-shaping projects that will truly drive change across the FMCG sector.

“As the pace of change in consumer behaviour and technology accelerates, we are constantly looking at ways to evolve our business and deliver a great service to our customers,” said Nik Jhangiani, Chief Financial Officer of CCEP.

He added: “Through these partnerships we can ensure we are continually adapting our own established model for a digital-first world and have an innovative new approach to getting our drinks into the hands of our customers faster.”