Consumers maintain interest in animal proteins, survey finds

Consumers maintain interest in animal proteins, survey finds
Courtesy of Cargill

Despite the growing trend for plant-based products, research from Cargill shows that the majority of consumers intended to maintain or increase their consumption of animal protein in the next year.

However, four-fifths of participants express interest in plant-based or alternative sources of protein.

On the whole, consumers are taking a more balanced approach to protein sources, with respondents saying that meat, fish and eggs can be part of a healthy and environmentally responsible diet alongside plant-based proteins.

“We’re pleased consumers see animal protein as an important part of a healthy diet,” said Chuck Warta, president of Cargill’s premix and nutrition business.

“Dietary guidance consistently emphasizes the benefits of adequate protein intake from a variety of sources. Our aim is to help our livestock, poultry and aquaculture customers meet the growing global demand for protein in the most healthy, productive and sustainable way possible.”

In its latest Feed4Thought survey, Cargill found 93% of respondents across the US, Brazil, the Netherlands and Vietnam say they care about our ability to feed the world sustainably, with 84% saying that it impacts what they buy.

Animal protein makes the cut, according to most consumers, with 80% of survey participants saying it can be part of an environmentally responsible regimen and 93% saying it can play an important role in a healthy diet.