Sodexo bans polystyrene & single use plastic bags from supply chain

Credit: Shutterstock,com/ CHAIWATPHOTOS

French food services giant, Sodexo, has banned unrecyclable polystyrene and single use plastic bags from its supply chain.

The latest sustainability pledge is part of the company’s ‘Better Tomorrow 2025’ commitments. Over the last few years, it has stepped up efforts to minimise the environmental impact of its operations.

In May 2018, for example, plastic stirrers and straws were the first items to be banned, a move which resulted in a reduction on 1.8 million of each being used and thrown away.

Since then, efforts have resulted in an 84% reduction in the use of polystyrene items, but beginning this month, all foodservice items – such as takeaway boxes and cups made from unrecyclable polystyrene – will no longer be available to purchase, it said.

Sodexo’s retail operations will also stop providing single use plastic bags and will offer customers paper or reusable bags to purchase as an alternative.

“We have already made positive steps towards reducing the amount of unrecyclable plastic products used in our business and we are thrilled with the efforts made by our teams to phase out their use of these products and the response received from our clients and customers,” said Ana Svab, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Sodexo UK & Ireland.