Sprite Lymonade launches in US

Sprite Lymonade launches in US

The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new Sprite variant in the US market to quench rising consumer demand for lemonades with a tart citrus kick.

Sprite Lymonade represents the first time the company moved outside the traditional sparkling soft drinks with the addition of 1% lime juice.

“As we started to develop and taste-test it, we realized we had a hit on our hands,” said Ryan Hughes, Associate Brand Manager, Sprite.

“Lymonade deliciously marries the sweet, crisp notes of Sprite with the tart-yet-smooth finish of lemonade.”

He added the team developed and trialled more than 20 flavours before Lymonade bubbled up to the top.

“This is unlike anything we’ve ever done before with the trademark – Sprite Lymonade has a unique name, taste and look – so we want to make sure we educate consumers and build awareness about this brand,” Hughes said.

“We think we’re on to something really special with this cross-category innovation, so we’re backing the Sprite Lymonade launch with a full media program.”